Sultry Smoky Eyes

Smoldering eyes with a silky sultriness can be yours with the right techniques and makeup. This classic smoky eye effect is a simple effect to achieve and will transform your conservative day look into a nighttime sensation.

The most important thing to remember when using eye or any makeup is safety. Only use cosmetics labeled as safe for the eye area. Test on a small patch of skin away from the eyes if you have concerns about sensitivity to chemicals. Do not share makeup or makeup accessories because of the risk of bacterial infection. Another concern is that many cosmetics chemicals are toxic or carcinogenic. Check the online Skin Deep database at which was created by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in partnership with the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to healthy, non-toxic cosmetics and personal care products.

Choose one color of eye shadow because smoky eyes are created with one hue. Brown, gray, or black are popular choices. Green and plum colors are daring colors to try. Use a matching liner to highlight the eye shadow. Use eye shadows that do not have talc which can cause tumors.

The next step of application is using a creamy concealer on your eyelid. This creates a smooth material to adhere the eye shadow. Look for concealers that do not have mica because sometimes this mineral can irritate the skin and eyes. Now sweep pressed powder over your eyelid. This minimizes eye shadow creasing. Look for powders that do not have titanium dioxide in the ingredients because it is not good for your lungs.

Highlight your eyes with a black-hued eye pencil. Start by tracing your top lash line from the inner corner to the outer and then use the same pencil for your lower lashes. To create a rakish look, smudge the liner with a blending brush.

The actual application of the eye shadow is easy. Sweep the lightest color shadow across your entire lid, take the medium shade and blend it from the middle of your eyelid upward and outward into the crease of your eyelid. Now, blend the darkest shade into the outer corner of the eyelid. Next, sweep a little of this under your eye close to your bottom lash line. A small amount of the lighter shadow over your brow bone will accent the darker shade. Last, use your brush to smooth out harsh lines.

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