Top Makeup Tips

Are you looking for some great makeup tips? When applied correctly, makeup can make you look stunning. The right blush can give your skin a beautiful glow. The correct lipstick will compliment your skin tone perfectly. Gorgeous eye makeup can enhance your eyes and make them appear larger.

However, if you choose the wrong makeup tips, it can have the opposite affect. You need the right color and technique that is perfectly tailored to your skin tone, your features, and your outfits. The bottom line- if you do everything right, you will look stunning. If you use the wrong makeup tips, you will look ridiculous.

A Model’s Secrets. The secret to the best makeup tips lies with the models. But, the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming. Instead of letting the numbers defeat you, instead keep a makeup tips journal. When you are looking through magazines or come across makeup tips elsewhere, write them down. Then, experiment with each tip until you find the select few that work best for your needs.

Here is a list of my favorite makeup tips. I use these almost daily. Adapt them into your own makeup routine or use them as inspiration. I’ve found these makeup tips reading magazines and makeup books.

Use Bronzer. One of the best makeup tips I’ve ever found is to use bronzer. Find a bronzer with a tint that matches your complexion. If your skin has pink undertones, for example, find a bronzer that also has pink undertones. Use it instead of blush year round for a healthy glow.

To apply, use an extra large bronzer brush for best results. Sweep the bronzer over your forehead and across your upper cheeks and nose. This is where the sun hits your face. If you put it on your chin or lower cheeks, it can make you look tired.

Waterproof Mascara. Another of my favorite makeup tips is to use waterproof mascara. Mascara is great for all lash shapes and colors. Choose a shade that matches your lash color. I like to use waterproof mascara because I never know when I am going to sweat, get rained on, or cry. If my mascara is waterproof, I don’t need to worry about these things.

Use Lipstick. Lipstick is another of my favorite makeup tips. If I only have ten seconds to put on makeup in the morning, I definitely choose lipstick. And for me, the brighter the better. The right lipstick shade brightens up your skin tone and makes you look polished- even if you only have ten seconds.

If you have a little extra time, use a lip liner in a shade that is a little darker than the lipstick. Lip liner defines the lines of your lips and makes them look extra beautiful. Finish off the look with a pair of chic sunglasses and you will look like you spent a long time on your makeup.

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