Manicure Mania: Nail Painting Tips to Personalize Your Styles and Techniques

Whether you do your own nails or rely on your manicurist to keep them looking fabulous, tried and true leaves a lot of room for creativity to creep into the picture! With a few inexpensive adornments and some supplies you already have throughout the house, you can personalize your nails to suit your interests and creative energies.

Adorable Adornments�
No matter what your personal tastes are like, you’re sure to find some fancy little accents to dress up your nails. From metallic foil to tiny gemstones, golden initials, sequins, stripes and much more, your creativity is the only limitation! With a spot of nail glue and some patience, you can sport the most dazzling nails on the block.

Many different adornments are available as sets in the beauty department of drugstores, superstores and other shopping locations. Before checking out, be certain that your selection comes with the nail glue or appropriate substitute. Some tiny decorations will stick to your nails merely with nail polish, but it is better to read the packaging while you’re in the store than to wait until you get home and find out you need more supplies.

Daring Decals�
For low maintenance design tricks, consider applying a few decals to your fingertips. Decals come in endless shapes, sizes and designs, from colorful hippie frogs to flowers, hearts, butterflies, holiday designs, and even designs for specific interests like cards, dice and cocktail glasses!

Decals prove very easy to apply and take only a few moments, even for someone who’s never used them before. Much like tiny temporary tattoos, decals often require just a little bit of water and downward pressure upon the surface to which they will be sticking. Read the instructions thoroughly before affixing decals to your nails in order to prevent any slight imperfections.

Show Some Spirit!
It’s football, hockey , baseball, basketball (Or insert your favorite sport here) season! Why not affix your favorite team’s logo on your thumbnail or pinky nail for good luck? My favorite team happens to be the Philadelphia Flyers, so during playoffs in 2004 I took my team pride to the max. Donning white, black and orange nail polish on my pinky nail with the help of a toothpick with a pointed end, I created my own miniature Flyers insignia! Unfortunately, it did not impact the hockey season enough for my team to take home the cup, but they came close!

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