Seeing Green: Eco-Friendly Makeup, Mineral Makeup for Women

It’s true that girly-girls love makeup, but does this mean that they can’t love the earth, too? Eco-friendly products, especially eco-friendly makeup, are hitting the store shelves and could soon be finding themselves at home in front of your swanky makeup mirror.

What’s so fab about eco-friendly makeup? Mineral makeup (think foundation for your face) is made from naturally occurring minerals like iron oxides, mica powder and titanium dioxide. This means that the ingredients you are slathering on your face on a daily basis come straight from the earth, not from some chemist’s lab. Even better than liquid foundation that is usually sticky and messy, mineral eco-friendly makeup comes in an easy-to-apply powder which covers blemishes and other pesky skin problems flawlessly while still allowing it breathe. Using powder also means there are no nasty oils in your makeup, which is good news for chicks with extra sensitive skin. Mineral makeup is also less likely to clog your pores (so it’s okay to forget to wash it off for a night – there’s no need to dread a massive breakout!) A lot of mineral makeup includes built-in protection against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays, so your face will look stunning and you’ll be protected from the damaging affects of the sun. And forget worrying about your makeup running – powder stays in place even on the most humid of summer days and is practically water and sweat proof! Think about it: now you won’t have to layer on sunscreen, foundation and powder. You’ll save yourself time in front of the mirror in the morning and even some cash!

So, what’s wrong with all the other man-made stuff? Research has shown that the FDA in the United States allows ingredients in makeup that are highly chemically processed and man-made (including dyes that make your eyeshadow all those pretty shades!), some of which have been shown to cause a bunch of skin problems and even cancer in rare cases. When you get the man made stuff, you never know what you’re really putting on your face – and when you’ve only got one, it deserves lots of care. Plus, most people who have switched to mineral makeup say they like it better than the conventional stuff they used to buy.

Looking to pick up your own mineral makeup and make the switch to a more natural you? A favorite of the eco-friendly community are Aveda cosmetics. Yep, the same people who taught your hairstylist all the tips and tricks of the trade have their own line of eco-friendly cosmetics. They carry everything from natural hair care products to makeup for the face, eyes, lips and cheeks that are au natuale. Check out to order online. Another favorite is Burt’s Bee’s, available online at You’ve probably seen their cute little packaged lip balms at the check out lane of popular drugstores. But Burt’s isn’t all about the lips – -they’ve also got eco-friendly cosmetics, hair care products and even natural toothpastes. Talk about the bee’s knees! Probably the most favored eco-friendly company, Bare Minerals, offers a full range of products, but is available in high class boutiques like Nordstrom, in their own spas worldwide, and there are always special offers and goodies on their website,

No more excuses! Eco-friendly makeup is safe, works well and doesn’t cost any more than any average, chemical-based cosmetics. So throw away those old shadows full of harmful dyes, that oily liquid foundation and chemically-drenched mascara and pick up some new “barely there” essentials that are good for the environment and your body

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