Why African American Teens Are Looking to Go Bald for 2007!

Have you noticed lately that there seem to be a lot of teenage girls sporting a new bald look in New Jersey? Especially among the African American population. Actually this look is not that new, since years ago teenagers girls also decided to start shaving their hair off. But what about your teenager. Is this a look that you really want her to follow? Many parents fail to realize that damage that can be done by allowing your child to cut their hair completely off. Of course physically there is nothing wrong with cutting your hair completely off. But one thing you may want to point out to her is that when it begins to grow back it will eventually go through a very awkward period.

This awkward faze is something that your hair will definitely go through, since some pieces tend to grow quicker and longer than other pieces. Unless your teenage daughter is truly dedicated to going to the salon every two weeks, and you are dedicated to paying for it then she should really think this through. This is especially true for African American women who shave all of their hair off. It will definitely take some time to grow back. You will also want to make sure that you have your roots checked first. Many young women fail to realize how important it is that you have strong roots before you decide to cut off all of your hair. The stronger your roots are the quicker your hair will grow back. Another suggestion that you may want to give to your teen is to go to a salon that offers hair styling with technology. What this means is that they can actually take your picture and put it on a computer to show you what you would look like with no hair. Remember that not everyone can sport the bald look. Some young women have the face for it and some do not.

If you teen decides to go ahead and cut all of her hair off, then you may want to encourage her to donate her hair for a good cause. There are many organizations that take donated hair and turn them into wigs and hair pieces for women who have cancer or other diseases which cause them to lose their hair. This way not only will she be getting a new look, but she will also be able to do something good for others. The reason why so many african american teens are going for the bald look is because they feel it makes things a lot easier. They dont have to worry about it in the mornings and they can just brush and go. But it is still important to keep your hair healthy as it is growing back. This can be done by applying a weekly conditioner that is made specifically to make your roots stronger. If you keep your hair healthy while it is growning back then the awkward stage should not be that bad. For additional resources and information you can visit the following websites: www.hair-energizer.com, www.curls.biz, www.afrohair.com.

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