Top Ten Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secrets

1. Girdles: Think your grandmother is the only person who still wears a girdle? Think again. In Hollywood; where showing extra pounds can mean the difference between unemployment and 5 million dollars, even men wear them.

2. Hair weaves: That actress who just shaved her head suddenly has hair longer than you! How did she do it? Hair weaves; they come in all lengths and colors these days and aren’t as expensive as you think! Have a very important reunion to attend? It might be worth your time to look into it. Better salons everywhere do them and most beauty supply stores carry kits if you are handy with a comb.

3. Self-tanner: Yes, celebrities do winter in the tropics but in an industry that celebrates youth, they would never think of allowing the damaging sun to bronze their faces. Except for the ghostly gorgeous Renee Zellweger, you never see them pale white. Why? Spray on sun tanner, available at drug stores everywhere. It’s an instant beauty boost. Be careful, some tanners will make you look orange, try a few, choose your favorite.

4. Accent jewelry: Suppose that girdle just isn’t doing all it should and there is still a minor imperfection to be seen. Who is looking anyway? Check out that necklace! Figured it out? Jewelry is the perfect distraction. Shh it’s a secret.

5. Water, water, and water: Yes, water. The day before a big event a celebrity will drink a lot of it, sometimes with cranberry juice or lemon. It plumps your skin and adds a glow. Be careful to stop a few hours before you are to be seen or you will only be seen running to the bathroom!

6. Thickening mascara: The goopiest, blackest mascara you can find, applied properly will give your eyes a youthful openness. Apply it one tiny hair at a time for full effect and make sure you get them all. Don’t toss out your thin mascaras in lighter colors; use them for eyebrows and grey roots.

7. Sharpies for grey “peekers”: Thin mascara is great when you have several grey hairs at the roots only but when you have only a few long ones peeking out, use a sharpie or other marker to paint over the hair and it will completely disappear. Celebrity beauty secret seven can shave five years off your look. Be careful not to paint your scalp!

8. Eyebrow filler: Many stars try and fail at plucking stray hairs just like you. They need perfect brows for the thousands of photos they endure. Light eyeliner pencil with a wiped off mascara brush fills in their mistakes and helps those who were born with light brows accent their eyes and perfect their look.

9. Safety pins: No way, Safety pins on a millionaire? Yes. Often a dress or shirt that fit last week is suddenly bulky here or there. A quick tuck under the fabric with a very small safety pin will give a tailored look that has helped many a star with instant augmentation.

10. Black: It’s that simple. Black clothing makes anyone look slimmer instantly and accentuates any other color you wear; even if the only other color is in your eyes! Ever wonder why so many wear black on the red carpet? Stars like cheesecake too!

Bonus: Smile! When tabloids want to demonize a star they show a picture of them frowning. Paris Hilton smiles; it’s all she does. It can work for you too!

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