How to Make Money with Your Hair

Everyone wants to make extra money to pay for special things, vacations, or to pay off their bills. To earn extra money people take second and thirds jobs, sell their valuables, have garage sales, and borrow money. What many people don’t know is that they can make money by marketing their hair. This article will cover two ways to make money with your hair including selling your hair for wigs and becoming a hair style model.


Since the beginning of wig making the demand for natural human hair has been in high demand, and today is no exception. Modern natural human hair wigs run from several hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars depending on the length of the hair and the color. In many instances manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand for human hair wigs because the supply of human hair is not easy to maintain. This is where the money making opportunity exists.

To sell you hair in today’s market you will need to understand the market. The first thing that will determine how valuable your hair is to retailers and wholesalers is its appearance. The color, texture, health, shine, and length will all impact the value of your hair. Each buyer will have their own requirements for what they consider marketable hair. You will need to review these requirements before you send them your hair, because if your hair doesn’t meet their requirements then they will send your hair back to you. The general requirements for selling your hair will be that it is at least 12 inches long, that the hair is healthy, and that the cut hair was properly prepared for marketing. Extra long untreated hair, and certain natural colors of hair will sometimes drive the offering price up, however, this will depend on what is in demand at the time you are marketing your hair. For information about how to prepare your hair for cutting and submitting to potential buyers you can visit the following website:

The second thing that will determine how marketable your hair is will be the market demand for human hair. Wig manufacturers go through different buying phases. When their surplus is low they advertise and buy more hair, however, when they develop a surplus they stop accepting hair. The trick is to find manufacturers that buy hair and to keep checking their web sites for advertisements that they are now looking for hair. To find wig manufacturers you can search yellow pages, hair style magazines, and the Internet.

If your hair is marketable then you can expect to earn between $3 and $5 an ounce. Some buyers will ask that you send them a note on how much you want for your hair when you send in your hair for consideration. In this case make sure that you do not overvalue your hair or you will only succeed in getting your hair mailed back to you. Keep the $3 to $5 per ounce price range in mind when determining your price. If you cannot find a buyer you might also consider donating your hair to a cancer organization, or children’s organization that make wigs for cancer patients such as Locks of Love. Their website can be found at


Another way that you can make money with your hair is to become a local hair style model. This job usually will offer a small payment as well as a free hair cut and styling session that can be worth about $100, depending on the treatments used. If you are an aspiring model or actor, then this is a great way to develop your modeling portfolio or to get a great hairstyle for free before taking your headshots.

To find these positions you can ask around at your local hairstylists and even hairdressing schools and barber schools. The requirements for being asked to be a hair model will usually include healthy looking hair, hair type, hair color, and hair texture, and your willingness to allow the hair stylist to determine the style that you will be given, as well as how photogenic you are. You can also search outside your hometown by using yellow page listings, by searching newspaper advertisements, or by searching online advertisements.

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