St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion; A Solution for Overly Dry Skin

For naturally dry and flaky skin, maintaining moisture is a difficult task. Increasing vitamin and water intake is a great first line of defense. However, when these efforts do not achieve the results you are seeking, try St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion proven to condition over dry skin.

Because my family enjoys taking warm showers, we find our skin becomes overly dry especially during the cooler months. Unfortunately, switching to a cooler temperature in the shower was not a solution we were receptive to. Instead, following a shower, we began using St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion which dramatically improved our dry skin while adding a conditioning formula that leaves skin moisturized and smooth.

St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion is a frequently used product in my home. Because the lotion provides a silky smooth sensation, using Swiss botanicals, a small amount of lotion seems more effective than other hand and skin moisturizing creams. Additionally, the lotion is loaded with collagen and elastin, naturally found in young, healthy skin, which will work to improve the appearance of aging and over dried skin surfaces. Tested in Switzerland, and compared to the competition, St. Ives is considerably more effective than any other over the counter lotion on the market and is hypo-allergenic. Additionally, St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion, if used to treat a medical condition, can be used as a reimbursable item on a medical flexible spending account or deducted as part of your federal tax itemization for medical expenses.

Unfortunately, the only disadvantage to purchasing St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion is the cost. For the budget conscious consumer, the cost may not be appropriate when the skin is not considered to be overly dry. With a recommendation to use St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion on daily basis, the cost to maintain moisturized skin may become burdensome. For individuals with less dry skin, the moisturizer may also leave skin feeling oily due to the essential botanicals. Therefore, finding the right balance of use may take a few days of trial and error.

In summary, St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion offers many advantages to the consumer in terms of continuous, moisturizing and silky sensation for overly dry skin. For medical conditions resulting in dry skins, St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion is hypo-allergenic and safe. With cost as the major disadvantage, the St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion offers many advantages in terms of decreased dryness and improved elasticity and collagen which leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, healthy and restoring a youthful appearance.

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