Get the Look: Perfect Smoky Eye

The smoky eye; it’s captivating, alluring and can go from day to night with the swipe of a great liner. The rights tools and a little preparation are important. The key to perfecting this popular eye makeup is to know what to use, when to use, and how to use it.

Not all eye pencils and mascaras are made the same, yet with a few tips and tricks, every woman can create a personalized smoky eye.


The difference between low-end liners and high-end liners can vary. The color and richness of pigments create a drastic difference whether using a pencil or liquid liner. The important thing is to find a liner within your budget that works for you.


One thing about mascara: it’s important. It exemplifies the eye. Wiggling the wand at the base of your lashes while lightly stroking upwards will make your eyes pop. Mascaras come in many formulas and all have different shapes of wands. If you don’t like the wand in your favorite brand, it’s easy to choose a different wand to achieve a look that suits you.


Any shadow works with the smoky eye, but a black shadow is a mainstay. A small pot of deep black shadow is a must to set liner after applied. An eye-liner smudge is the exact tool for keeping liner in place and creating the smoky-eyed effect.


Dark liner and shadow tend to get messy as hours go by no matter what brand you are addicted to. A primer is the perfect solution to keep you from looking like a raccoon whether you are in a meeting or at a club. Foundation, primer around the eyes, and powder are the basics to keeping your smoky eye in place.

Putting it all together

*Start with your basic face.

*Apply selected shadow.

*Using liner, start at the inner corner of the eye and pull along the lash line to right outside the outer eye corner while ensuring the line gradually becomes bolder as you go.

*Dip smudge tool in black eye-shadow and apply over liner while blending to create a smudgy and smoky effect. Smudge into lash line.

*Curl lashes and apply mascara; add extra definition to the outer top lashes with the mascara wand.

*Lightly brush wand along lower lashes.

*To go from day to night: add liner to bottom of lash line with a coating of shadow.

It’s easy to attain the ideal smoky eye with just a few products and a little know-how; experimentation with the right makeup is all it takes for that smoldering celeb look.

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