Product Review: Jana Skinny Water

Exploring the world of water and infusion drinks can be a full-time job; I soon learned this when venturing forth to finding the ultimate water experience. After finding a coworker guzzling down yet another bottle of Smartwater and ensuring me that it had truly made them smarter and focused, I committed an entire weekend to staking out the possibilities. Smartwater is a line by the Glaceau brand that offers electrolytes and balanced minerals in a snazzy bottle. Intrigued by the variety of brands and combinations available on the market today, I though it wise to explore the details. After careful evaluation, I settled upon a new scientifically-based concotion; Jana Skinny Water.

Jana Skinny Water comes in a handy 16.9oz. bottle, and offers 100% natural ingredients including calcium, and garnicia cambogia extract in an artesian water base. And what’s the ‘Skinny’? Since Jana Skinny water is infused with minerals and a hint of lemon, it also provide the benefits of garnicia cambogia. It’s patent pending ingredient, “Hydroxycitric Acid ( “Super CitriMax” )” is the feature of the water, as it extends the benefits of the herbal extract. After a little research on garnicia cambogia, it turns out that this herb is often used in dieting and weight loss aids. It is derived from a native plant of India, and is a an acid found in the fruit and rind of the tropical tree’s fruit. Ancient Indian folk lore uses the herb for a variety of medicinal purposes including helping with rheumatism. North American studies report that the extract helps to suppress appetite thereby supporting weight and fat loss.

I’m skeptical as to the long-term results of consuming this extract and the water on a regular basis, but Jana Skinny Water does provide a citrus-infused water alternative, with an obvious potential for fat loss combined with a low fat diet and exercise. Although I doubt it will be a miracle drink for helping a struggling diet, it does provide the natural properties of artesian water with a burst of flavor that can encourage a higher water intake. The addition of calcium and minerals helps to make Jana Skinny Water a good choice for the health-conscious consumer.

Jana Skinny Water is available in many health food and grocery stores, but most easily on The appealing bottle and classic packaging by Creative Enterprises, offer another fine brand to the lineup of sports drinks and beverages on the market. The brand is a line from Jamnica, the largest manufacturer and distributor of bottled water. It reportedly produces 300 million liters annually It is very popular in Europe, and may encourage increased consumers in the U.S.

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