How To Choose a Blush Color

Blush is an important and primary part of makeup. Without applying blush, you cannot say that you have done proper makeup. In fact, blush is something that adds beauty to your face with just few strokes of shades on your cheeks. If you have a flat or pale complexion, applying blush on the cheeks will make them glow.

Even if you do not apply much makeup on your eyes, you should be very careful while applying the blush. You must choose the right shades that can match the structure of your face and should look beautiful when applied. Therefore, choosing the right shade for blush is the key to have a proper makeup.


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    Choose the colours that match the tone of your cheeks. Such colours will help you look natural and beautiful at the same time. In addition to that, people will not stare at your cheeks, while thinking that they are painted.

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    Visit a nearby departmental store of cosmetic shop, where you can easily find the shades you want. At the departmental stores, you usually find makeup artists standing at the cosmetics counter to help the customers choose the right product.

    You can ask them about the colour that may complement with your skin tone. Moreover, try to check the shades in natural light, as it will help you make the decision in a better way.

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    If you have a light coloured skin, then you can go for pink or coral shades, as they go best with fair complexions. In the meantime, women with dark complexions should do the opposite. Wine or burgundy hues are some of the common shades that look pretty on women with dark complexions. Therefore, darker women should opt for darker shades, when it comes to choosing the blush colour.

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    For the daytime, keep the shade light. If you plan to go on an evening party, you can give yourself a dramatic look by applying a darker shade, which will give your cheeks a sexy look.

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    You should also consider matching the undertones in your lipstick with the shade that you apply to your cheeks. If you have natural red coloured lips, then you can go for pink or red shades for the blush. On the other hand, if you have pink lips, then you can have same colour hues in your blush to give yourself a gorgeous look.

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