How to Open and Close Your Pores

Our skin is nothing less than an organ that breathes. It is our skin that reflects our health and it gets worse if not taken care for. Many people around the world suffer from certain skin conditions and some of the most common problems are open pores. Although this condition appears to be a trivial one but it is certainly not for those who suffer from it as it is one of the most difficult skin problems to solve!

Open pores are a precursor to many other skin problems and as the pores get enlarged, they start getting clogged immediately. So whether you have comedogenic skin or you are weary of the large pores, you certainly need an immediate skin treatment! This is important because if you keep on ignoring this issue, then this problem will aggravate even more and may lead to certain other complications like acne or even pitted acne or scarring!

Things Required:

– Jug
– Hot Water
– Towel
– Facial Mask
– Facial Mask Applicator-Toner


  • 1

    Fill a jug with hot water that is almost bubbling and cover it with a lid.

  • 2

    Next choose a place where you cannot be disturbed for the next 10 minutes. Now take a large sized towel and cover your face with it from all the sides. Position your face exactly above the jug and lean a little so that your face can absorb the right amount of steam. Keep on taking steam like this from time to time by uncovering the jug. Your pores will soften up in less than 10 minutes.

  • 3

    Now wait until your body temperature comes to normal and remove the towel.

  • 4

    Next take a facial mask and apply this mask all over your face and wait till it hardened up. Meanwhile read a magazine. For better results, choose a clay facial mask or a mask prepared with fruits.

  • 5

    As soon as it hardens up, wash your face with tap water and pat dry. All the dirt and grease caught in the pores will now be removed.

  • 6

    Now apply a commercial facial toner all over your face excluding the eye area. This will close all your facial pores.

  • 7

    Leave your skin to rest for the next 5 or 6 minutes and apply a moisturizer that is according to your skin type. You’re done!

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