How to Make the Ultimate Spa Basket

An ultimate spa basket is one of the best things which you can gift to a couple going for honeymoon. It is known ultimate because you create the basket yourself, fill the basket with the things you desire and arrange it under the budget you have allotted. You design the basket with the arrangements you like. You can either fill up the basket with expensive products or get products which are of lower cost. These items will help the person who receives for a spa day at home.


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    Gather the items

    First you need to buy the items you want to place in the ultimate spa basket. You can get them from local drugstores or cosmetic stores. In addition to this, you can even make homemade facial items and place it in the basket. Gather

    - Bath bombs

    - Bath salts

    - A loofah

    - A body brush

    - Scented candles

    - Meditation CD or a CD with light music

    - Scented soaps

    - Moisturizers for face, body and hands

    - Hand mitts

    - Shower or bath gel

    - Sleeping mask

    - Facial mask

    - Lotions and creams

    - Bubble bath

    - Perfumes or essential oils

    - Shampoo and conditioners

    - Massage tools

    - Stuff toy

    - Magazines

    - Shower cap and bath robe

    Besides these things, you can also add items which you think are suitable for a perfect spa treatment.

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    Get basket and items to decorate it

    Next you need to get a basket. You can either purchase or use one present in your house. Then get items to decorate the basket. You need to buy ribbons, tissue papers, saran wrap or cellophane and tape. You should also have a tape to hold these items together and a card where you will write your name, occasion and the reason you are giving the gift.

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    Prepare the basket

    Next you need to place the shredded tissue papers or papers in order to pad the basket. Next lay a folded towel in the sides or where you want it to be placed.

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    Place the items

    After preparing the basket you need to place all items in it. First place bigger items on the edge of one side. Then lay medium-sized items in the middle. In the end you should lay the smallest items in the front or in between other items.

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    Next you need to decorate the ultimate spa basket. Place a scented ribbon above the items and then wrap it with a cellophane or Saran wrap. In the end you need to add a bow or a ribbon.

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