Product Review: Suave Skin Firming

Let’s face it, they are many BS miracle products on the market. Having the media constantly shoved in front of our eyes of what is beautiful tempts us to buy products twice as often. With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to get in shape to enjoy time with family and friends. But what products are worth $50.00 and up? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Looking for a product that’s under $5.00… read on.

Even the thinnest of people have some skin that may need some firming. Maybe you have cellulite? Yes, even thin people get cellulite. So a test was done with this product for a friend. She hated the dimples on the side of her thighs so I bought her Suave Skin Firming for under $2.00 It also had a free 25%. I’ve even seen some Suave products have up to 75% more free. The bottle is pretty simple, blue with a hand pump. The label says this:

With Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Seaweed Extract
Dermatologist Tested
Specially formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Seaweed Extract to improve the tone, texture and appearance of your skin.

Gives your skin the firming and moisturization of more expensive brands for less.

Clinically Proven to help improve your skin’s firmness with just one application. Never Greasy Formula absorbs quickly into the skin.

To Use: For best results, apply daily. Reapply as often as needed.

When first using this product, it has a pleasant, not overpowering powdery scent to it. Dispensing is quick and easy, through it did clog after a while. This was easily remedied with hot water over the tip of the dispenser. I myself tried some and found it to be easy absorbing. You may want to wait 5 minutes to have it fully absorb. It’s not too greasy. After 3 weeks of applying, I decided to try it twice a day. Morning and nighttime applying seemed to help. Overall the product did help firm a little bit. As for my friend, it helped some with her dimpling and considering it wasn’t too expensive compare to many “anti cellulite” product, she as well will continue to use this along with exercising.

There was no skin irritation. Exfoliate regularly to improve effectiveness. Suave Skin Firming can be found at most drugstores.

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