Murad Skin Care: A Review of the Murad Acne Complex Products

I would write this same exact review for all of the Murad products in the Murad Acne Complex Kit because it is so important for people to understand that these products must be used together. I don’t know what it is but if you use all four Murad Acne Complex products- the cleanser, the clarifying astringent, the acne spot treatment, and the moisturizer, your face will very likely clear up. Or at least mine did. These are all part of the Murad Acne Complex Kit which is listed on the website under the Murad Skin Care “As Seen On TV” products.

The Murad Acne Complex group of products are a the main focal point of the well known late night infomercial for Murad skin care. The infomercial, I must admit is what originally piqued my interest in the Murad Skin Care products. It wasn’t just that the before and after photos showed major improvements in people’s skin with severe acne, but it was actually the more in depth commentary about and by the inventor of the product, Dr. Murad. I remember the major points I remembered about the Murad Acne Complex products that really struck me were that Dr. Murad apparently designed the formula based on the fact that there are so many types of skin disorders that resemble simple acne or blemishes and often times it takes many trips to the dermatologist, many months of trial and error with various skin care products, wasted money, and prolonged distress in the patients who are suffering from this unsightly skin disorder. Therefore, according to the infomercial, Dr Murad made a little concoction that treated a very big variety of skin disorders related and similar to acne so that the guessing game could be arrested and the skin would show results more quickly. In other words, the Murad Acne Complex products are made to treat most of the common acne-like problems, all in one shot. Unless you have something really obscure going on with your skin, the chances of Murad skin care working are high.

And the Murad Acne Complex products worked extremely well for me, as long as I used them as directed, and as directed means, using all four products in a specific order. This utilization of each Murad skin care acne product is a crucial factor in the speeding up of the healing of your skin. I will stress again that you have to use all four products and you have to use them every night every time. it is kind of a lengthy process and even though after awhile I thankfully came to a point where my skin was clear enough to discontinue the constant use of Murad Acne Complex but I swear by Murad now. If ever my skin should get as broken out and disgusting (not to mention embarrassing) as it was a few years ago, I would without a doubt invest in the Murad Skin Care products once again. It took me forever to get to this point where only once in a while I have a blemish on my face and where my face overall looks healthy and smooth. People compliment me all the time on my skin (Don’t get me wrong, my skin is still in need of work, but people who saw how bad it once was take the time to notice how much better it has gotten). I used to have breakouts all the time and I’m 26. I would hate to leave the house because of them I was depressed and I felt ugly. I tried everything- antibiotics, Retin-A, all the over the counter stuff, many things recommended by facial people, everything. And then when I saw that Murad targets several different skin problems that disguise themselves as acne I decided to try it. I promised myself Id give it a try for at least a month and if it didn’t work I wouldn’t buy it again. Within two weeks my skin started making huge improvements. This stuff really works. But again, you have to do every step (which is a pain, but the results are worth it). The moisturizer, it seems to me is the most important. There have been several times where I felt I didn’t need it or I decided to skip a step just because I was tired and the next day I woke up with a pimple. But as long as I keep using it every morning and night, my skin is overall great.

I definitely recommend this product if you can dedicate the time and effort to use it correctly. It obviously isn’t going to work for everybody but according to the press release about Dr. Murad and the Murad Acne Complex Kit (see resources), studies found huge improvements in 90% of the patients who tried the product religiously. That is really quite a lot. So give it a try. I’m almost certain that if you are not satisfied, Dr. Murad would be more than willing to offer you a refund. Acne is awful. Why let it go on any longer? You can follow the links in the resources section to learn more about the Murad Skin Care products, about Dr. Murad and the Murad Acne Complex Kit, what it does and how to go about buying it.

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