How to Use a Pumice Stone

Skin problems are increasing all over the world. Everyone has some kind of issue related with his or her skin, a part of the blame lies with our busy schedules and our inability to take time out.

One of the more common issues is the drying and cracking of our feet. The winter beats down on them and they look a bit like a war zone. We do, however, have a remedy in the shape of a pumice stone. It is a solid piece of volcanic glass and it is just what we need for those cracking heels of ours.


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    Buy a Pumice Stone

    The first thing to do is to purchase a pumice stone from a beauty supply shop. These are also available in the cosmetic sections of most convenient stores.

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    Soak Your Feet

    Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes as this will help in softening dead skin which in turn will make it easier for the pumice stone to do its magic.

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    Start Gently

    Start with quick strokes back and forth on the damaged areas of your feet. Be gentle and keep on doing this for a few minutes.

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    Slowly move on to areas such as heals that are more damaged and gently rub the stone. Focus on these areas and continue for a while so that the work can be properly done. Soon you will start seeing the dead skin going away and more fresh skin coming up on top.

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    Once you are done with the pumice stone work, moisturise your feet by putting some skin care lotion on them. You can have one of those that are specifically made for feet as they will work better. Put on some soft socks so that you do not spread the lotion around and to protect the feet. Have a nice little nap if you feel like it.

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    Do this two to three times a week and you will have feet that are smooth as silk. It’s a great solution and brings a fair bit of pleasure knowing that you have great feet. You will feel better in your everyday mobility as well.

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