Great Barbershops and Hair Cutting Places in Queens, NY

In New York City and especially in Queens and Manhattan, there are a ton of places to go to get your hair cut. I examine several barbershops and unisex hair cutting place and tell you which ones are the best and which ones need some work in certain areas.

Super Cuts: Supercuts is one of my favorite places to go to get my hair cut. They always have several barbers working at a time. The haircuts I have seen all turn out to be done very well and customers are generally satisfied with their haircut. The only downside I see to supercuts is that they don’t accept reservations or appointments for haircuts. This means that if they are busy, you have to put your name on a waiting list which could take up to a half an hour.

The Lemon Tree: The Lemon Tree is a place that I have found to be predominately female customers. I have seen some guys walk in for haircuts. At the Lemon Tree the space is about a medium size for a hair cutting place. The best feature they offer is a hair washer that shampoo’s your hair over a sink that feels very nice on your head and hair. The ladies who cut your hair are very sweet and try to make conversation while they cut your hair. The prices are very cheap and the Lemon Tree. For a basic haircut, they only charge you $7-$9 which is very cheap compared to the $15 that most haircut places charge.

Mike’s Trim: Mike Trim is an old style barbershop located in Queens. On a bright sunny day you will see old folks sitting there getting their beards shaved or trimmed along with their hair. They have the lavender cream devices that the old barbers use. The place always has people talking to each other who are regular customers about the previous night’s sports game on television. The prices are pretty reasonable and they do a great job cutting your hair.

Snipets: Snipets is a hair cutting place which a friend of mine recommended to me but sadly I was very disappointed by the results. My hair seemed to be uneven in the back and they charged me $20 for my basic haircut. They had offered as a nice gesture to gel my hair which I thought was free with the haircut but then when they changed me for the haircut they charged extra for the gel which I was reluctant to get in the first place.

Hopefully these barbershops and haircutting places have given you some ideas of where to go to get a hair cut.

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