Top Beauty Products Under $50

Television infomercials, often associated with lower to mid-level fitness equipment and housewares, have undergone a renaissance of sorts with A list celebrities marketing their products on a regular basis. The beauty industry is profiting greatly from infomercials with one product in particular leading the pack.

Meaningful Beauty, a scientifically advanced anti-aging line endorsed by supermodel Cindy Crawford, has taken the cosmetics world by storm. Spearheaded by glowing testimonials from Crawford and customers on the air and online, Meaningful Beauty is a product users would be willing to spend top dollar on. Yet, with the introductory offer price of $29.95, the line is a relative bargain.

Crawford became familiar with Meaningful Beauty a decade ago after visiting with renown French physician Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. She was so inspired by the results that she eventually collaborated with Guthy-Renker, a direct response television company to market the line to the general public.

The introductory package includes a one month supply of six distinct products; Cleanse, Protect, Repair, Revitalize, Purify and Condition. Each ingredient, formulated to meet the unique and individual needs of a woman’s skin by Sebagh, should be used for optimum results.

Cleanse is a gentle, fragrance and oil free formula that leaves skin shiny and clean. It will not cake or harden on your face. Still, you may be put off initially by how shiny your skin appears. Such concerns will evaporate with your wrinkles in several weeks time.

Though cleansing your face is an important daily part of skin care, moisturizing is likewise essential for balancing the natural oils in your skin. Protect, the morning maintenance product, lives up to its name blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays that contribute to premature aging. Perfect for all skin types, your face will feel smoother and softer.

Repair, the second step in the moisturizing process, is specifically designed to rejuvenate the skin overnight. Anti-oxidants work double time while you sleep to restore firmness and vibrancy to your skin. You will awaken looking and feeling refreshed.
Cleanse, Protect and Repair do much to cater to the complex needs of the entire face. Revitalize fights premature aging below and around the eyes. The anti-oxidants consistent throughout the Meaningful Beauty line team up with vitamins and botanicals to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. Similar to the way Repair leaves you feeling and looking rested, Revitalize rids eyes of exhaustion and stress.

Purify, the fifth element of Dr. Sebagh’s revolutionary system, is a masque with a marine base. The masque should be applied evenly on the skin and left on its surface for twenty minutes. The dry, dead skin is lifted upon removal of the masque. The natural radiance of healthy skin shines through.

The final phase focuses on the chest and neck line, an often ignored area in skin and age maintenance. Condition firms and moisturizes this section of the body leaving a refined, glowing and silky finish.

For more in-depth information regarding Meaningful Beauty, visit There, you can watch video files of Cindy Crawford describing the strengths of each product as well as showing proper application methods. A link listing ingredients specific to each product is also available on the website. If you are skeptical that you have to be a model to truly benefit from the line, click on the Meaningful Results link and read testimonials from real women of all ages.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Meaningful Beauty offers a 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, simply return the containers within 60 days for a full refund of the product price. You may cancel at any time.

I have seen the extraordinary results of Meaningful Beauty first hand. My mother, 60, is an avid user. Meaningful Beauty is not meant to be a miracle Fountain of Youth but it is a true anti-aging wonder that does more to enhance one’s inner beauty than even it proclaims.

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