Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean And Safe

Most people take their toothbrushes for granted and do not bother keeping them clean and safe. They forget the fact that toothbrushes are the key to healthy teeth and gums. Keeping your toothbrush clean and safe ensures that while using it, you are not getting sick from bacteria or germs. Follow some simple guidelines to help keep your toothbrush clean and safe.

Things Required:

– Toothbrush
– Toothbrush Holder
– 3-percent Hydrogen Peroxide
– Vinegar


  • 1

    Keep toothbrush separated

    If you share a bathroom, then it is strongly advised that you should keep your toothbrush separated from other brushes. Get a toothbrush holder that keeps all the brushes away from each other. To avoid bacteria, you do not want your toothbrush touching other brushes.

  • 2

    Store brush in 3-percent Hydrogen peroxide

    If it is convenient for you, then you should store your brush in 3-percent hydrogen peroxide to completely disinfect your brush from bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide is easily available and is effective at killing bacteria or germs from your toothbrush. Before using your toothbrush, remember to properly rinse it with water.

  • 3

    Soak in vinegar

    If you want to remove germs from your toothbrush, then it is a good idea to soak it in some vinegar once every other week. Although vinegar is rather strong, it is famous for getting rid of all the nasty bacteria that resides in your toothbrush. Be sure to properly rinse your toothbrush before using it.

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    Use hot water

    Always rinse your toothbrush with hot water before using. This effectively cleans away all the different food particles from the bristles and any leftover paste that might still be there. After using your toothbrush, remember to rinse it again using hot water. Use your fingers or shake the top of the brush while it is under the hot water to get all the food and paste out from the bristles.

  • 5

    Wash your hands

    One of easiest and most effective ways to avoid bacteria getting on your brush, is to properly wash your hands. Remember, dirty hands are the ultimate source for bacteria but if you wash your hands properly before holding your brush, it will be hard for germs to get on your toothbrush.

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