Ten Reasons You Should Not Buy Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask

I love to try out new beauty products. Face creams, moisturizing masks, you name it I’ll try it. For the most part I have great luck and often stumble across great products that I end up recommending to friends. I have to say though that you should not waste you time with Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask, Hydrating. Don’t waste your time or your skin. This is by far one of the worst facial masks I have ever used. In fact I think it should be illegal for them to have the word Hydrating on the label!

Choosing a good facial mask is a great way to replenish your skin. It can add moisture and vital minerals that are necessary for healthy looking skin. A good facial mask should contain essential oils that help tone your skin while providing moisture. Knowing this I went to the drug store looking for a product that contained essential oils. I have had redness appear in my skin in the past few years and have been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of it. I bought Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask to help eliminate the redness and ended up causing more.

Here are my ten reasons why you should not buy Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask:

1. I read the instructions and started to use the face mask on clean skin. The instructions said to apply evenly, avoid eyes, and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Almost immediately after applying Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask my face began to burn. I don’t mean tingle or feel rejuvenated I mean burn. I started splashing water on my face to get the mask off as quickly as possible.

2. My face turned a bright red while the mask was on and while the mask did wash away the redness did not. I looked like I had just been through an hour long aerobic workout or maybe I have been sunburned. I can only say thank goodness this product said not to get near eyes. I can only imagine the outcome.

3. My face stayed red for about twenty-five minutes. I was just on the verge of possibly making a doctor’s appointment. I was very very worried I might have caused permanent damage or scarring.

4. I have a lot of problems with the label of this product as well as what is inside of it. The direction clearly state that it can be used daily. It says, “May be used daily.” I just can’t believe this. How can a product react so strongly with someone’s skin be recommended for daily use? If anyone used this product daily they would continually look sunburned.

5. The Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask label says it has organic aromatherapy. I am assuming that means it should smell relaxing and soothing. There is nothing soothing about this product. How can a smell make a burning face relaxing or therapeutic?

6. The label also says pH balanced. I find that hard to believe. This product is unbelievably strong and I would never recommend it for dry or sensitive skin. PH balance suggests it is for all skin types. Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask is just not for all skin types. Unfortunately I am the only person I know who has used this face mask, so I don’t know if everyone else’s skin burns with this product as well.

7. Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask comes in a 2-ounce size and costs $7.49. This is a total waste of $7.50. I took my product back to the store for a full refund. Don’t be afraid to take products back if they don’t work for you. There is no reason you should have to waste your money.

8. The label on Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Mask clearly states it “Deeply Moisturizes All Skin Types.” This is just not true. I could not even keep it on my skin long enough to find out!

9. I went online to find out if there was a web site I could make a complaint at. I came across the product on www.drugstore.com and found many reviews that said they had the same issues with redness and this product. I can’t believe a product with this many bad reviews is still available.

10. My final reason not to buy this product is that if it should remain on the market a warning should be labeled clearly on the bottle. Something to the effect of severe redness may occur. It should also tell people what to do if this occurs.

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