Healthy Sunbathing Tips for All Tanners

With all of the increased attention placed on tanning beds there are many individuals who are using the natural sun to achieve their tan. Many individuals all around the world can sunbath over half of the year, but others may only get a few months of valuable sunbathing time. Regardless of how much time you have to get a natural tan you are still encouraged to remember that that sunbathing is not completely safe.

Naturally bathing in the sun is safer than tanning beds; however, there are still risks associated with it. There are a number of sunbathing safety tips that natural tanners can use. These tips are not guaranteed to prevent a sunbather from getting burned or developing skin problems, but they may help reduce the risk and keep you healthy.

Sunbathers are encouraged to use sunscreen. You may be wondering why you should use screen when the point of sunbathing is to get a sun tan. Sun screen is used to protect your skin; however, it will not necessarily prevent yourself from getting a sun tan. Even if a sun screen with a low SPF is used it is still better than not having anything to protect your skin.

An avid sunbather can not just apply sunscreen once and then leave it at that. Sunbathers are encouraged to regularly apply sun screen to their body every few hours. This time may need to be increased depending on a few factors. Even though there are sunscreens that claim to be waterproof they do not always offer the same results after coming into contact with water. Sunbathers who swim or sweat a lot while sun bathing are encouraged to reapply their sunscreen even more often. Occasionally adding additional sunscreen will not prevent yourselves from achieving a tan.

Many sunbathers plan on a particular time to go sunbathing each day and others sunbath whenever they have a few extra minutes. When scheduling a time to sunbath you are encouraged to remember that the sun in most of the United States is extremely powerful from ten in the morning till around three in the afternoon. At this time the ultraviolet rays being produced by the sun are greater than normal. Sunbathers are encouraged to sunbath around those hours. It is important to remember that you do not have to tan between ten and three just to get a tan. A tan can be obtained just about anytime that the sun is out and shinning.

The skin is not the only other part of the body that can be damaged due to sun exposure. The eyes are sensitive to the sun and ultraviolet rays. When using a tanning bed at a tanning salon all tanners are required or encouraged to wear protective eye gear and the same should go for natural sunbathing. Sunglasses come in all different shapes and sizes; therefore, the smaller the glasses are the less likely it is that tan lines will appear on your face.

Sunbathing outside in the sun can not only get you a great tan, but it could also be fun. There are many natural sunbathers who enjoy the sun and spending time outside. While sunless tanning lotions and sunless tanning sprays are the safest ways to get a tan it is possible that your actions can help reduce the dangers.

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