Top Age-Defying Products Under $300

“Top Age-Defying Products under $300”

It has taken ages to perfect the ‘age-defying’ beauty products. There are some that are relatively newly found, through combinations of science and nature, and there are others that have seemingly been around for ages that just get a fresh dose of marketing and a new container. However, there is one product line that has been quietly surfacing for a few years.

If you have never heard of Arbonne International, you are not alone. But you will. Arbonne has a skin care line that can’t be beat, even by the all-popular department store or Dallas based skin care lines. Why? Because it is simply a better product.

Most skin care products such as lotions, toners and moisturizers contain a lovely by-product called mineral oil. It’s sludge, really, compared to the natural botanical products it is often combined with. But not with Arbonne. Arbonne International does not use mineral oil in their products. How could that NOT be better?

As a skeptic, I purchased a set of Arbonne anti-aging skin care products – the best in their line. I used the entire system the first night as instructed, and in the morning my face felt as though I had just applied the moisturizer, except it had been over 8 hours! I immediately fell in love with their products. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m addicted to them, but I threw away some of the “MK” that I had used before, after I looked at the ingredients, and sure enough, there was mineral oil.
So, that line of product went out with the bath water and Arbonne was showered in!

As our era is beginning to wise-up to natural products over synthetic due to oil, pollution and energy awareness it is easy to see why Arbonne is going to be a household name before long. It is a wonderful alternative to overpriced or cheaply made cosmetics. Yes, the anti-aging set was a little pricy at about $280, but when the products last up to six months it is really less expensive than the drug store brand.

Let’s consider a tub of cleanser from the department store. It is about $30 to $50 dollars for that single item. Arbonne’s anti-aging set has seven items, including cleanser, toner, eye cream, anti-aging serum, day and night serums, SPF lotion and an intense moisturizer. That works out to be $40 per item, but, it lasts for about 6 months, not just 30 to 90 days. So, for about $1.50 per day,
the Arbonne set is the clear winner. And my skin was clearer and radiant too. What a bargain!

Everyone I know, regardless of their tax bracket, is interested in a good value. These products are the best value in town, so to speak. Arbonne International is blazing a trail across the world, providing people with an answer to skin care needs. And the best part is that it is not some here today – gone tomorrow kind of trail being blazed. When you find a great product, you tell everyone
you know, and that is how Arbonne is making itself known. Not through mass marketing, over-used gimmicky green lizards, or annoying radio advertisements.

There are other direct sales cosmetic and skin care companies who do a fine business, too. However, I have found other companies to have a rather pushy sales force. And, many companies focus only on femininity with their marketing and sales agendas. For instance, a woman who is beautiful without makeup might be made to feel a little inferior or less beautiful because she “would look so much prettier wearing some nice lip and eye colors”.

Arbonne is a much more natural company and wants people to take care of their skin, so their sales force might say something more like “Here, this is a great new skin care line. Use the products for a few days and see what you think about it.” That’s a big difference to me, because I like to make up my own mind, not be “sold” and then decide after-the-fact if I really wanted the products.

So if you haven’t decided to go out looking for an Arbonne consultant yet, just wait a little while and I’ll bet you’ll be introduced to one soon (it will probably be someone you already know – no cold call needed!).

Trish McKenna
7:21 AM 8/19/2006

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