Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment

I bought Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment in the dark blond color to cover up highlights I had been getting for many years. Unfortunately I did not consult with my hairdresser before I did this. I assumed that a product like Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment, which is sold over the counter, would be safe for my hair. I learned a hard lesson, but you don’t have to.

Here are my ten reasons you should not buy Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment:

1. I bought this home hair color at my local CVS. It was easy to find, but that is where the fun stopped. I followed the directions, but as I worked my way through my hair I quickly realized that there was not enough hair color in the package to color all of my hair. I have shoulder length hair, so I can’t believe that one bottle could not adequately cover my hair. I was left with splotchy looking hair. I had to go back and buy two more to adequately cover all of my hair.

2. This dark blond color turned my hair a super dark brown color. I had been for warned by friends, so I knew not to buy a brown shade fortunately. Amazingly enough though I looked like I had chosen a medium to dark brown color.

3. A box of Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment will cost you about $8. After I paid for 3 boxes I came in at over $25 with taxes. This would have been better spent knocking off some of the cost of a salon coloring.

4. My hair was dull from the get go. Now, the girl on the side of the box had beautiful shiny hair. I never had shine. I can say that since this little adventure I have had my hair colored at the salon and left every time with lots of shine.

5. My hair became so dry in the days after I used the Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment. It was tangled and broke off easily. Now, that is probably the number one reason to never buy this product ever again. Ever. Who wants to pay money to damage their hair? No one.

6. Not only was there not enough color in one box of Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment, but there is not enough conditioner in one box of hair color either. In my case I ended up with quite a few tubes of conditioner because I bought multiple boxes. The first application though I had to supplement with my own daily conditioner.

7. Unfortunately I colored my hair about a week before a trip to the beach. Because I had never applied a home hair color I had no idea it would change color in the sun. My hair turned a brassy red brown color the first day. This is not what I paid for.

8. After about three weeks the permanent color had faded so badly that I was forced to go back to my salon, confess my sins, and ask for some help.

9. My hairdresser quickly spouted out quite a few reasons you should never buy a home hair color product, especially Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment. The first one was the build up that these product leave on your hair. If you continually use a home hair color product you will build a wax like layer on your hair. This will dull your hair, dry your hair, and prevent new color from being absorbed by your hair.

10. Clairol Hydrience 1 Minute Color Pre-Treatment contains Pantene Pro-V Moisturizing After Color Therapy Conditioner. Pantene is one of the worst hair products for your hair. It coats you hair, creating instant building up, which in the end adds to the dry damaged hair issue. You may be fooled by the shine that first appears on your hair, but wait for the build up and unmanageable hair that follow!

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