How to Use Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan oil is a good source of moisture. It leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and soft. Women have been using the oil for centuries for skin, hair and nail treatment. The oil is equally popular today. It is generally recommended for regular use, and especially for treatment of different dry skin problems, since it is a rich source of moisture. It can be used in simple ways, while taking bath or otherwise. Also, it does not stick to your hands to cause inconvenience. Above all, it is as effective for body as it is for hair and nails.


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    Shower of Bath

    You can use Argan oil while taking bath or shower. Simply, add a teaspoon into the water for bath and take bath with it. This will leave your skin soft, smooth and touchable after the bath. If you do not take bath every day, you can add a small amount of the oil into your regular shower gel, and it will leave the same effect on your skin as it will do while mixing it in the bath water.

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    After Shower or Bath

    You can also apply Moroccan Argan oil on your body soon after bath or shower. The rule is that do not use towel to dry your body soon after bath or shower. Just leave it wet, and take a small amount of oil and apply it on your body with your hands.

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    You can also use Argan oil to massage your body every day or every other day. The routine will depend on your skin tone, if it is dry then use the oil more frequently. Otherwise, you can decide your own routine. Massaging your body with the oil leaves lasting effect on the skin, it remains hydrated, smooth and plain. It also treats dead skin effectively.

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    Use With Cream

    If you do not want to use the oil as a standalone product, you can mix it with your body cream and apply on it frequently. You can use the cream to massage your body and the oil in it will effectively work to give a touchable feeling to your body. Your body will also be moisturized in the longer run, leaving dead skin or spots removed.

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    Hair and Nails

    You can also apply Argan oil on your hair and nails the way you do it on your body. You can massage your hair with the oil rubbed in your hands or put in shampoo to wash your hair. You can also use the oil with conditioner. You can also treat your nails with the oil, as it makes them strong.

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