Tips for a Painless Bikini Wax

With the arrival of summer, it is time to unpack your swimming suits/ bikinis and head out to the beach or a casual swim in a pool. However, you need to be perfectly groomed before wearing your thongs and clearing hair from those embarrassing places should be your number-one priority. Hair sticking out of your underwear is a major turnoff and something which most women can never afford to go out with. So grab your bag and head out to the best spa in town to get a bikini wax which will give the freedom you need to walk on the beach wearing a bikini.


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    The first thing is to be realistic and expect pain during this process as there is no alternative to a bikini wax. Still the best time to get the wax done is after your period as you can resist more pain in the week after you have had one.

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    For a proper bikini wax you will have to visit a salon which means that you need to prepare yourself to be naked in front of another person. This is certainly not the time to be shy and do not worry about it as this will be nothing new for the person who will be giving you the bikini wax. Remember, the less anxious you are, the less focused you will be on the pain.

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    If it is the first time for you then you need to go slow and and not experiment with extreme treatments. If you are planning to get a lot of hair removed then wait for the next time, as the pain will certainly be too much to handle for the first time.

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    It is best to exfoliate in shower a day before getting a bikini wax.  With this you will be able to remove the dead skin and consequently the wax will be able to grip shorter hair.

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    During this process whenever you feel pain, even if it is a little, you better speak up and the let the esthetician know how you feel. Remember, you need be comfortable here.

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    You should ask the spa for hard wax, as it is gentler and reduces the pain quite drastically.

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    Almost an hour before your appointment you could take a pain reliever, which will help you get through the bikini wax.

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    Breathing in and out helps relieve the pain. You might be tempted to hold your breath, but avoid this and take a deep breath when the wax is applied. Exhale when the esthetician yanks the strip off.

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    It is critical for you to know which parts of your skin are more sensitive as pulling hair from your lower abdomen is a lot more painful compared to hair being pulled from around the vaginal area.

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    When the wax is just about to be yanked, cough by turning your head to the side. This will get your mind off the pain at that particular moment.

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