Natural Recipes to Lighten or Color Your Hair

Precautions to Consider Before Using Home Remedies to Color or Lighten Hair

Dark hair is difficult to lighten using home remedies, and home remedies including lemon juice are not recommended for brown, black, or red hair. Darker hair should be professionally lightened to achieve the best results.

Permanents, hair relaxers, dyes, and other chemical treatments can open the hair shafts and make them vulnerable to further damage. If your hair is chemically treated or damaged, seek professional advice and assistance before using any home remedies for coloring or lightening the hair.

If you have sensitive skin or could be allergic to the ingredients in following home remedies, preform a simple allergy test before using them. Place a dab of questionable ingredients on the inside of the elbow or wrist. If several minutes pass without redness or irritation, the ingredients should be safe to use. If ever in doubt, seek another option for lightening or coloring your hair.

Naturally Lightening Dishwater Blonde Hair

Dishwater blonde is a phrase used to describe blonde hair that isn’t entirely blonde. Dishwater blonde hair has varying shades of darker and lighter blonde. People who consider their hair dishwater blonde can make their blonde hair evenly blonde and beautifully highlighted with a natural home remedy. This home remedy will make already blonde hair lighter, shinier, and more attractive without the use of strong chemicals, peroxide, or damaging bleach.

Lemon juice is a well-known hair lightener that is natural and effective, but the acid in lemon juice can be very hard on the skin and hair. If you want to lighten dishwater blonde hair with lemon juice, rinse the hair daily with a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with a gallon of warm water until the desired color is achieved. Although this hair lightening method will take time, it is effective, and it isn’t as damaging as full-strength lemon juice or other hair lightening methods.

Natural Home Remedy for Darkening Gray Hair

Gray hair can be very beautiful, but not all people with gray hair embrace their gray hair with love and acceptance. If you have naturally dark hair and gray hair is taking over, consider hiding your gray hair with the following natural home remedy.

Boil two cups of water, and add �½ cup of dried sage. Let this herbal combination steep for seven or eight hours. Apply it to dry hair, and allow your hair to dry before rinsing out this natural homemade dye. Repeat this home remedy for hiding gray hair until you achieve the color and level of coverage you desire. Maintain the color by applying this natural herbal brew once a month.

Naturally Darken Light Hair

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side, and sometimes those with light hair want dark hair. If you have light hair and want to naturally darken it with a home remedy, try natural dye. Coffee and tea contain natural dye. We all know how coffee and tea can stain counter tops and clothing. Strong black coffee or black tea is great for darkening light hair. Simply rinse light hair with strong black coffee or black tea, and repeat this process until the desired color is achieved.

Natural Red Highlights

Natural red highlights are beautiful, and you can give you hair natural red highlights with the following home remedy. Simply brew strong rosehip tea or tea brewed from cloves. After the tea cools, rinse this natural home remedy through your hair. If red highlights aren’t apparent enough, repeat this process until the desired color is achieved.

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