How to Make a Bathroom a Steamroom

People have been using steam since the beginning of the time to detoxify their bodies and relieve pain. Besides cleansing your skin and giving you a relaxing feel, this steam is also very good for those who have asthma or other related respiratory problems. Almost every health club and spa offers steam room facilities to cleanse your skin and detoxify your body, but they are quite expensive. It is really simple to make your own steam room and does not require any special equipment either.

Things Required:

– Shower/ bathtub
– Hot water
– Herbs that suit your taste and needs (optional)
– Old towels or duct tape


  • 1

    Prepare your bathroom

    Choose the smallest bathroom in your home, it will help you trap the steam and heat easily. Make the bathroom as airtight as possible by closing the doors and windows. Cover the windows and doors if required.

    Also seal the crack at the bottom of the door using a damp towel. It is better to fix an old towel at the top of the door as well to make sure no air can get in or out. If you don’t have extra towels, you can use a duct tape. Also make sure the exhaust fan is shut off.

  • 2

    Add some herbal therapy

    Since you are planning to take a steam bath, it is better to add some herbal effects to your steam room as well. Hang a cheesecloth bag containing different dried herbs – like lavender, peppermint, rose petals – from the shower so that the water directly falls on it when the shower is turned on.

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    Turn your shower to the highest temperature possible

    Plug the drain of your bathtub or shower and turn the shower to the highest heat possible. Allow the bathroom to get really hot (3 to 5 minutes).

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    Enjoy the steam

    Once your bathroom is completely steamy, sit down, close your eyes and enjoy the heat and steam filled in the bathroom and relax. Meanwhile, allow the water to run. After enjoying the steam for 10 minutes, turn the shower off and relax for another ten minutes or until the steam dissipates.

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