Product Review: Ruth’s MacaPower Bars

We can always thank the Aztecs for providing us with the legacy of superfoods and almost magical properties of food and herbs. The Incans described pure maca root as a ‘superfood as it provides a natural boost to the endocrine system and lowers stress levels. This hemp-seed based derivative is the key ingredient in Ruth’s MacaPower Bars, a growing line of energy bars found under the hemp food umbrella. Hemp food and maca powder have gained public interest recently for its natural energy-enhancing properties and medicinal uses. Although hemp seed has been around for years, the recent introduction of the ingredient into food gives us the opportunity to enjoy more benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids, high fiber, and a significant protein content may make Hemp fall into the superfood category. Maca comes to us in powder form, from a powerful root plant grown in Japan, Peru, and some areas of the United States.

Ruth’s MacaPower Bars provide a rich source of organic maca; each of the three MacaPower Bar flavors is made of only organic ingredients, with the essential inclusion of maca powder, and hulled hemp seeds trademarked as ‘SoftHemp’. The MacaPower Bars bars will give you the much needed ‘kick’ in the middle of the day; each bar boasts pure brown sugar, agave syrup, and a plethora of natural nuts and ingredients. Choose from Chocolate Ginger, Ginger Almond, and Lemon Hazelnut.

Chocolate Ginger made the top choice during my taste test process, as it included crystallized ginger pieces that offered a unique taste and excellent addition to the chocolate. The Lemon Hazelnut came in second, with an energizing ‘zing’ from the lemon peel flavor. The Ginger Almond offers a well-rounded, nutty flavor to the line of MacaPower Bars, and is a great alternative when you are looking for something less sweet. The 2,000 mg. of organic maca found in each bar give a really amazing effect; think of a long-lasting and comfortable caffeine buzz, without the crash. The MacaPower Bars are one of a kind, and provide the added benefit of all organic and pure ingredients. Not only does this mean that delivery of the nutrients to your cells is pure and natural, but you will benefit from the consumption of real sugar in one of its purest forms. If you’re looking for an energy boost, why not do it in the most natural way possible?

Maca is a valuable commodity to the Andean Indians, and has been cultivated for hundreds of yars. It is considered to be a very nourishing delicacy, and maca root is often used to create milk, water, and mixed with cocoa for a refined drink. It has natural stimulant properties that can help boost endurance and performance; as a result, it is often used in herbal medicine for a variety of ailments and to increase energy. Hemp seeds have long been known to provide essential fatty acids, and are a great protein source for vegetarians and vegans. Hulled hemp seeds provide great nutrition when incorporated into smoothies or fruit juices; hemp food is slowly but surely beginning to gain public favor in today’s health-oriented markets.

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