Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm

I bought Hydromiel Honey De-tangling Conditioning Balm at my local drug store one day when I was perusing all the hair care products. I was sold after reading the side of the bottle. It said it would detangle, nourish, revitalize, and protect my hair from root to tip. Best of all Hydromiel Honey De-tangling Conditioning Balm said it would add gloss and shine to my hair. I always need added conditioning for my hair in the winter. I am always on the lookout for a new product that delivers. Well, needless to say this what not the result after I used this product.

While there are many reasons not to buy Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm, here are my top ten reasons why you should not spend your hard earned money on this product:

1. Smell – The first problem with Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm came immediately when I opened the container. I truly do believe that conditioners should have a nice, clean, or even fruity smell. This conditioning balm had an unpleasant somewhat floral smell. It might have been a popular smell in 1920 or out on the Wild West, but not today.

2. Consistency – The second problem arose when I held this product in my hand. The consistency is thin and almost liquid like. A conditioning balm should be thick, stick to your hair, and provide great moisture. This thin little conditioning balm would be more suited for someone with oily hair.

3. Tangles – My hair was far more tangled after I used Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm. When I rinsed it out of my hair I felt like my poor hair had turned to straw. My hair actually felt better after I rinsed my shampoo out.

4. Breakage – Thanks to Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm my hair actually broke off when I brushed it. I use a hair pick on my hair while the conditioner is in my hair. I have never used a product that made my hair break off while it was in my hair. I think there was so little conditioning in this product that my hair could not withstand even being combed.

5. Longevity – I had to use the entire 4.2 ounces in one application. It didn’t moisturize my hair, so I kept applying hoping my hair would quit soaking it up when it was moisturized. This did not work. Before I knew it I had used all of the balm up in one time.

6. Color protection – This product did do little to moisturize my hair that it could not have helped my hair color in the fight against fading. I was only able to use this product once, but if there had been any left I would have thrown it away. Moisture is always necessary to keep hair color looking good and Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm does not have it.

7. Price – Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm comes in a 4.2 ounce container and costs $3.49. All I can say is that at least it was under $5.00. Save your $3.50 for a latte at Starbucks. You might be able to pore the hot drink on your hair and get better conditioning results.

8. Improper Claims – Claims on the bottle were so inadequate. After reading the container I was prepared for some deep conditioning. At the very least I hoped it would help me comb through my hair. The product should be relabeled with statements saying it is a light conditioner for roily hair.

9. Size – Not saying I would buy Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm again, but if I did this is a really small container. Anyone with any amount of dry hair would go through this product in one to two uses.

10. Damage – Using this hair balm actually left me with severely dry hair that need a good deep conditioning. I had to buy a super thick moisture rich product to help bring my hair back from where Hydromiel Honey Detangling Conditioning Balm had taken it so quickly.

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