Makeup and Summer Don’t Mix – Cool Cosmetic Tips for Hot Weather

We’ve all been there, ladies. When you leave the house, you look as fresh as a model in Vogue, but by the time you hit the office, you look more like a mannequin at Saks. You feverishly search your pocketbook for a tissue to blot the oil slick off of your t-zone, and pray the mascara circles under your eyes wipe away without getting worse. Summer’s heat and humidity is merciless. Fear the summer no more, I have a few tips to help you regain control of your cosmetics once and for all.

No Oils
Avoid foundations that have oils in them. Most do, so read the labels. The oil in foundation in addition to any moisturizers you use, and natural oils produced by your skin when you get hot causes that “oil slick” effect.

Leave the Alcohol In Your Cocktail
Most liquid foundations contain alcohol, which can tend to cause irritation and blemishes, and is just not good to put on your skin, period. Look for the word “isopropyl,” then put the bottle back on the shelf.

If You Can’t Identify What It Is – Leave It There
When reading the list of ingredients, unless you are a chemist, you might not know what more than two or three of the ingredients are in your favorite cosmetics. If you cannot identify all of them, put it back on the shelf.

Avoid Foundation All Together
If at all possible, avoid foundation all together. If you have problem skin, try coverig blemishes, age spots, or freckles with a concealer. Dust your entire face with a translucent pressed or loose powder to reduce shine.

Alternatives To Liquid or Pancake Foundations
There are two new types of powdered foundation, that are both natural and light. Bare EscentualsÃ?® (only available on the internet and infomercials), and Loreal Bare Naturale MineralsÃ?® (available anywhere Loreal products are sold) both are brands with the same concept: Fresh looking skin, and no skin-damaging ingredients. Both promise flawless coverage, even for problem skin, and both contain natural sunscreen (Bare EscentualsÃ?® SPF15, and LorealÃ?® SPF19). They also both boast “safe for sensitive skin.” The Bare EscentualsÃ?® line is more expensive and has been around longer, but the LorealÃ?® line is less expensive and is readily available in most discount retail chains that sell their brand of cosmetics. After much searching, I found good reviews on both products, and no complaints that either product didn’t live up to it’s claims.

Heavily Painted Lips Are Out
Gone are the days of lining the lips and then coloring them in with a thick, greasy lipstick. This summer it’s all about sheer shine. Toss out those thick crayon-like liners and greasy or waxy lipsticks, ladies – grab up some sheer gloss and call it a job well done. Tinted glosses are all the rage this year. From the covers of every fashion magazine in print, to the hottest stars on your favorite shows, shine and more shine is what lips are wearing. Tinted glosses are also cheaper than lipsticks, and come in so many shades, it’ll give you an excuse to buy a new outfit.

No Pout In Your Pucker?
This fix is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. Sally Hanson’s glossy wonder, Lip Inflation, (retails for a little over $4.00) is the answer. I, myself, am a victim of thin lip syndrome. I do use this product, and it works. It does come in tinted or clear. Clear can be worn over a lip color, or alone for a fantastic shine and a full pucker. It’s also easy to find, sold in most discount retail stores.

Around The Eyes – Think Light
If you must use eyeshadows, use an eyelid primer before putting eyeshadow on your lids. Hot weather tends to make eyeshadow crease, and look like you’ve had it on for days. Use natural, earthy tones for daytime, and the more dramatic, darker colors for evening. Always remember: lighter shade toward the brow, darker toward the lash. Eyeliner isn’t a necessity, but if you feel you need it, try shades of brown, and avoid “drawing” hard lines under or around the eye with it. The trick with eyeliner is to apply then lightly smudge it to remedy the hard lines. Clear mascaras are perfect for those dog days of summer, because they won’t leave the “raccoon eye” effect if they get moist. Even dark waterproof mascara tends to cause those dark circles under the eyes that would make the Hamburglar green with envy.

Bronzer Makes A Difference
A light swoop of a bronzer on your t-zone, not much darker than your skin tone, wil give your skin a glow like you’ve had a nice day at the lake, but without the damaging effects of the sun. If you choose to use a bronzing powder, blush isn’t necessary. Bronzer does the work of both. Powdered bronzers can be bought anywhere cosmetics are sold, but they are harder to find after summer is over. A little bit goes a long way, so use sparingly.

Use Your “Me Time” At Home To Experiment
When trying out these tips for the first time, it’s best that you do it on your day off of work, when you have the time to experiment, and find out what best suits you. It’s too difficult to try new techniques while rushing to get ready for work, so use a weekend, or your evening “me time” to play with cosmetics and adjust your makeup routine. The less you have to put on in the morning, the more time you save for enjoying that cup of coffee, or spending time with your children.

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