Medispas – Better Than a Spa Without a Trip to the Doctor’s Office

There is a new phenomenon in the United States involving an upgrade from a traditional spa but not quite the health or medical setting of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Offering cosmetic and general “feel good” care, this new phenomenon is known as the MediSpa. With a growth rate of approximately 50% per year, the MediSpa concept has taken the medical and healthcare industry by surprise. With regulations varying by state, the advantages in using a MediSpa are remarkable in terms of health prevention, cost and efficiency.

MediSpas are offered in a variety of settings. Some may have originated as a traditional spa, offering general massage, facial and nail care. While others may be expansion of a clinical setting through a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office. For the traditional Spa Directors, hiring individuals with specialties in photofacials, Botox and microdermabrasion, has led to the expansion into the offering of some general health related services and, thus, the expansion into a MediSpa designation. For the medical practitioners, the option for expanding traditional medical services, to include massage and facials, creates a new environment for patient care.

By definition, a MediSpa is considered a day treatment facility, under the direction and supervision of a licensed healthcare professional, offering services within the scope of the licensure of the staff. By definition, the healthcare professional could be from any line of care including nurse practitioners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, even an OB/GYN. What is also of important note is the requirement of the healthcare professional to direct and supervise the facility which does not mean the professional must remain on the premises at all times. As a general rule, this is not a significant issue as the individuals performing the services, such as laser therapy and microdermabrasion, are licensed in their skills and, in most cases, can perform the services far better than the healthcare professional directing and supervising the facility.

There are many benefits to the use of a MediSpa in the treatment of both dermatological conditions as well as traditional spa services. As a comprehensive spa environment, the staff of the MediSpa will provide guidance in the medical condition for which treatment is sought as well as general health care advice commonly provided in the traditional medical office setting. Because the services are offered in an outpatient spa setting, rates are significantly less than that of a traditional doctor or hospital setting, with most insurance companies welcoming the treatment option.

For information regarding the ethics and scope of the MediSpa, visit the The International Medical Spa Association at When visiting your dermatologist or plastic surgeon, regarding treatment options, consider the use of a MediSpa for not only treatment of skin related conditions but for the full body massage and pedicure as well!

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