Rockin it like the 80’s

What era to bring back now-a-days but the 80’s?! This past spring we watched as the 80’s struck back! Check out some of the latest fashion do’s for ladies and men.

Ladies, you can find tights anywhere from Forever 21, Gadzooks, Target or even at the dollar store! If you are more urban like me you could even give a hip- hop feel with tights from baby phat, which is one of my FAVORITE clothing lines. For a casual night out, slip those tights on along with a drapped shirt, big belt along your hips, your favorite hand bag, what else better to put with this outfit but high heeled pumps! If you aren’t into high heels, you can still look diva with with the new pointy shoes in which the heel has less than a three inches. For a night out with the girls, you can change this look up by pulling out a fun wife beater, tank, desigher bra, (not the bra you wear under your blouse!)with trendy earrinngs to match that fun colored evening bag and stiletos. You can also slip on a long fashionable t-shirt (not a short short one, atleast 5 inches above the knee) with or without tights and look phunky and fabulous!

If anyone is interested in Ms. Christina Milian, see her hot clothes at ebay. She’s having a “closet clean out” hmmmmm… and I guess being generous to her fans to sell them ….riiiiigggghhhhttt. But iit’s true. I love all people,big people, (I used to be big)but, these clothes are tiny so if yourare pettie then what are you waiting for!

Skinny jeans for all men is what’s hot in the streetz. There are many ways you can express your style whether you’re a rocker (Travis Barker) Skater boy (Pharell) unique (Ander 3000) or just grown and sexy ( Kanye West, JAmmie Foxx, Usher …list goea on). There are different ways to rock the slim fit jeans. Show that nice physic off for God sake! We’ve been dying to see! Try this hot fashion tip out no mattter what you’re into, make will it hot! I promise you will have more chicks falleing out for you than the man that’s near by made because he’s wearing Axe! What makes this style hot….is when you rockin it babe!!!!! Thats what’s up. For casual wear slip on a pair or slim fit jeans, (to show of that nice physic) a hot collared, (what eva’s your style) put that blazor on and step out in your grown and sexy shoes! A night out with the fellas ,(trying to find a honey dip) put on te hottest t-shirt in your closet, put that blazor back , as well as a fitted cap, stunna shades, step out in the cleanest shoes you have in your closet

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