Nighttime Enchantress

Rain drenches upon my head as I dwell outside in the night,

Sitting on a bench by a wall, in an alley of supreme darkness.

I glance into an apartment, so quaint, and yet so bright.

And I stare into its window, which radiates with light.

What draws me to this apartment, is what it is inside.

I speak not of jewels, nor money, but something of more eminence.

Yet I tell of something so righteous is gives every man some pride.

Not a portrait, not a statue, yet a woman in which to confide.

I gaze at her in awe, while drenched upon with rain.

Admiring her every feature with the naked vision of my eyes.

Her hair flows down her neck, and her eyes twinkle in disdain.

And her lips curl up voluptuously, teasing my heart into pain.

She curls up in her chair, reading as if she never would again.

With a smile on her face, she reads the hours away.

She concentrates, with intensity, on each work from beginning to end.

While placing me in a trance with her dazzling display of whim.

Thy lady then closed her book and sat back in moderation.

Reflecting over the story that she had branded into her mind.

Her eyes glared out the window, into the sky full of precipitation.

As she rid of her thoughts of anxiety through thought-filtration.

I admired her from my seat in the storm as she leaned back in her chair;

Watching her every breath as she thought substantially.

And while the rain continued to pour on me as a sign of despair,

I noticed her drifting off into a sound, cumber, sleep, and I glared.

I glared at her beauty from her perfect face to her eloquent feet.

Noticing every detail, curve and bump spread about her body.

Breathtaking was her secluded flesh within her benevolent physique.

Her arousing arms and libidinous legs seem to intertwine perfectly in her seat.

Drip! The raindrop splattered sparsely superimposed on my head.

My clothes now saturated and drenched not with water but with infatuation.

I suddenly became frigid, monotonous and in dire need of being fed.

But I could not draw my eyes away from the matron I yearn to be wed.

Time passed on at a leisurely pace, taking its precious time.

I thought about being with the woman on the other side of the window.

Oh how I would savor being with a treasure so enchanting, so fine.

And to caress her in my arms hoping she would soon become mine.

Just to touch her desirable lips, and feel her immaculate skin,

Would be the one most celestial feeling ever to cross my path.

To hold and kiss her hand would replenish my soul from within.

She is the landmark in my life for where I want to go and where I’ve been.

Soon the sleeping beauty arose from her heavenly slumber.

I treaded through puddles for a closer look at the awakening gem.

She stumbled closer to the window, looking out with wonder.

I hid beneath the window seal as she gazed out at the rain and the thunder.

Minutes passed by and the shadow casting over me had gone away.

I ascended to look into the window and saw her with her back to me.

Then she pleasantly paced off into another room as she went a stray.

I somberly watched as she left my life with her seductive, sauntering, sway.

The rain stopped and the night was surely soon to pass onward.

To no avail, I waited for the woman on the other side of the window.

I arose from my seat on the floor and then to me it had occurred.

I had just witnessed one of God’s individual angels in the twinkling of a blur.

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