Six Tips to Finding the Right Hairstylist for You

Finding the right hairstylist may take some time and research, but the time will be well spent when you find the perfect person to help you with your look and hair! Your hair should be trusted to someone with experience, knack, or talent. Here are some tips:

Ask your friends and acquaintances about their stylist. If you see someone on the street or in the grocery store whose haircut you like, ask what salon they go to. Most people would be flattered and more than happy to share that information with you. Word of mouth works best when it comes to hair care. Choose a salon with a good reputation and ask for a stylist that specializes in caring for your hair type.

Ask for certifications, credentials, and experience. If you want to get a feel for the salon before forking over any cash, most salons will offer a free consultation. Atmosphere is very important as well. Make sure the salon is neat and orderly and that their scissors and combs are sterilized. Get to know the stylists, their tenures at salons and their particular product preferences. Check out your stylist’s own hair style to see if it’s healthy and attractive. How he or she presents themselves speaks volumes about the quality of work they produce. If your stylist is truly focused on you, she will ask you pertinent questions and validate your concerns. If she doesn’t, keep looking. She may ask you about how many times you’ve colored or permed your hair and also how much time you want to spend on styling.

If you want a totally new look, and you trust your stylist, let them give you what they think would look best on you. Some salons have computer technology which allows you to scan a picture and click on different styles. You are then able to see how a certain style looks with your face! This helps you decide on any major changes to your look before cutting off any locks. This is wonderful for giving you a feel as to how your overall look would be changed with your hairstyle! It is also a good idea to bring a picture of the look you’re aiming for so your stylist has a starting point. She can also tell you if the look is suitable for the shape of your face.

Another test that all serious stylists need to have mastered is the straight razor test. Ask to see the salons straight razor. If they don’t have one, keep looking for your stylist. If the staff looks at you with a blank stare, walk out and report them to the better business bureau. Also check to see if the stylists at the salon regularly attend hair shows for training updates. Most higher end salons regularly send their stylists to shows across the country. Ask them for the latest popular styles and trends to make sure they are up to speed with the ever-changing beauty industry.

Once you have chosen a stylist, ask her to analyze your hair type and texture so that the proper hair care products are recommended. If your hair is severely damaged or dry, your stylist should be able to bring it back to a healthy state. On the other hand, don’t expect your stylist to be a magician. She can only work with what she’s given. Don’t go in expecting to come out looking like a completely different person. You aren’t going to look like Charlize Theron just because you got the same hairstyle that she does. You have to look at her facial structure, shape, complexion, among other things. Just expect to look refreshed!

Also, plan ahead. A good stylist will be booked several days, or even weeks, in advance. For wedding hairdos, your stylist may charge you for a consultation, for a fee. You may have to go in a few days before for a practice run so you and your stylist can agree and understand what you want before the big day. She may take the consultation fee off on your wedding day, as most use that fee as a down payment of sorts. Of all days, a girl’s wedding day is one where her hair must be styled appropriately!

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