How to Apply Stage Makeup to Look Old

Our life is full of surprises and discoveries and over time people tend to change their interests, environment and even priorities in life. The time just flies like a rocket and you see the next generation coming up your heels. At that day, you realize that you are no longer young and you have certain responsibilities to live for.

Changing your appearance seems an easy task. However, the change of appearance is way difficult as it looks because it involves a set of activities, procedures and rules. Modern day makeup has made life easier for women.


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    First buy cosmetics and accessories. Right makeup will emphasize the dignity of the person and hide weaknesses. Start by applying the usual tonal framework. Choose a shade that best suits your skin tone and apply with sponge or brush.

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    Secondly, if you want to change your appearance for a theatre or a stage play, clothes play an important role. Forget about high heels. In the cool days dress warmer, do not wear short skirts and short jackets.

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    Change your hairstyle. This is arguably one of the most important step in the process because stylish hair reflect young age while properly dressed hairs without using any hair colour or dye reflect old age. If you've always had long hair and did not cut them, it's time to make an appointment with the hairdresser. If you do not know what kind of hair style to go for, talk to the hair dresser before trying to seek help from different virtual programs on the internet. There you can not only see yourself with a new hairstyle but also can try unusual makeup and clothes.

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    Trim your eyebrows if you are a girl. Men can grow moustaches or beard to look older.

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    To look older, start drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes or cigars. In this way you will definitely look five to ten years older than your peers.

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