How to Create a Holiday Makeup Look

So many trends and styles have been introduced in makeup over the years. For each event, one needs a special makeup, and if a lady isn’t following the modern pattern, she will surely look really odd among others.

Although it is important to have makeup that suits you, there is no need to try something very different. For example, one cannot afford to have party makeup at family gatherings.

As far as a holiday look is concerned, there is nothing difficult involved in it. If you are trying a special look on these holidays, there is no need to be a makeup pro. Just a few simple moves are required to get a beautiful holiday makeup.


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    Just like other makeup techniques, you all you need to apply foundation at first. However, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind.

    Before making any move, make sure your skin is clean and moisturised. You need to blend in the foundation very well. Areas carrying great importance are hairline and jaw line. In order to add neatness and clarity, you must dust some translucent powder over the foundation.

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    After finishing with the foundation, eye shadow will be applied. Right up to the crease, you need to use only a rusty tone on the eyelid. When it comes to the outer corner of the lid, try dabbing a brown/dark maroon tone, making sure it blends into the crease.

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    Now, it is the time to focus on the brow bone, where you need to blend a pearly white eye shadow. A lot of people might find this a bit awkward, but this step really does wonders. By working on brow bone, one can add sexiness to the body.

    After finishing with the bone, use the same eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. You can use a green eye shadow, and blend it into the white. When applying, make sure it comes from the outer corner of the lower lash line.

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    Since the eyes are the most important feature in this makeup, you need to work a little more on them. It is the time to line your eyes. Do it only with the black liquid eyeliner. One can also use black mascara to the upper eyelashes.

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    The next step is applying blush. Red is a good option, but try going with the pink one. Focus both on apples of your cheeks and cheekbones.

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    The final step is adding a pearly pink colour to your lips. The makeup is completed now. Just smile and enjoy your time.

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