How to Apply Subtle Daytime Make Up

Mostly it is believed that the basic purpose of makeup is to transform someone’s personality. Though, it is right to some extent but the actual objective of applying makeup is to highlight the natural beauty while concealing the flaws.

Keeping the basic purpose of make up in mind, one can easily say that subtle daytime makeup is the most effective method to draw attention towards your features. Moreover, this type of makeup is easy to apply and carry. You can even transform a daytime makeup into night makeup by choosing dark colours for the evening.


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    Wash you face:

    The first and most important thing you need to do is to cleanse your face. Dirt and polluted air cause various types of impurities and you must wipe them out before applying makeup. You can get different types of scrubs, facial masks or soaps for cleansing. It is better to use lukewarm water as it keeps the pores of your skin open and you can easily remove all the impurities.

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    Moisturize your skin:

    Sometimes, washing can make your skin dry so you should apply moisturizers to keep it soft. Moreover these moisturizers will prepare your skin for makeup and it will be lot easier to blend the foundation with your natural complexion.

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    Apply concealer:

    Now you will look for unwanted scars, dark spots or black heads on your face and cover them by applying concealer. However, make sure that you are using those colours that are close to your skin colour.

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    Apply foundation:

    Now, when you have gone through the preparatory process, you can apply the foundation layer. You may use powder or liquid foundation but it is better to apply liquid as you won’t have to do much to soak it up. However, you should use powder in case of oily skin as it will keep your face oil-free all day long.

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    Blush on:

    After applying foundation, you will work on apple of your cheeks. Pick natural and neutral colours to keep it simple and effective. At first, apply a small amount of blush and apply more only if it necessary.

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    Eye makeup:

    Before going for eye makeup, you must give it foundation like you did to your face. Use eye primer on the eyelids and then apply eye shadow. Then you will add eye liner and eyelashes. The last thing you will do is to apply black mascara.

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    Give your lips proper shine and gloss in the end and you are all set to go anywhere with this subtle daytime makeup.

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