How To Apply Dance Performance Makeup

Applying Makeup or Make-up is every female’s daily ritual. Whether they are at home or going out for shopping, most of the times they try to wear it to enhance their facial looks.

Many females know how to apply routine makeup. However, most of them have no idea whatsoever about applying makeup for a dance performance.

Although many believe that Dance is only concerned with your body, your face is equally essential for dancing, as it depicts all the expression to the audience.

There are many beauty salons, where one can have any kind of makeup through a beautician. However, one can easily do this at home as well.

Things Required:

Black eyeliner
Lip liner
Make-up brushes
Various eye shadows
Fake eyelashes
Eyelash glue
Body shimmer


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    Clean your face with lukewarm water. Apply moisturizer gently on your skin, and give it a few minutes to settle. Take foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, and apply it all over your face as well as down your neck if you intend to wear a low-cut blouse. Pat the finishing powder gently over your foundation.

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    Take the black eye liner, and line your upper eyelid gently and cautiously. Take out your false eyelashes from the package. Shake them a bit, and line the inner edge of it with glue. Give it a few second to set in, and then place it over your eyelid. Adjust them until they fit in perfectly with your true eyelash. Repeat the process on the other eye as well.

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    Line the lower lid and inside of the eyelid with the black eye liner. Now take the white eye shadow, and apply it to the inside corners of the eyelids. After applying the white eye shadow, apply your silvery eye shadow below the eyebrow line.

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    Gently blush up your cheekbones until a clear cut dramatic cheekbone line is visible. Take out the bronzer, and dust it over your nose, chin, forehead and cheekbones. Now brush some glimmer body powder over your chest plate, shoulders and across your upper back.

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    Now take out the lip liner, and apply it over the edges of your lips. Apply lipstick over your lips, and coat them with a lip gloss.

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