How to Find the Perfect Concealer or Foundation Shade

You can use a foundation or concealer to hide something like blemishes on the face. You can easily apply them yourself. However, the most tricky part of the process is choosing a right concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone. For this, you have to be aware of your skin tone and choose the brand accordingly. It is not very difficult if you use concealers or foundations regularly. If not, you can select a perfect concealer or foundation by following some simple steps and tips. Take your time while buying the products to make sure you have bought the right one.


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    Know Your Skin Tone

    If you use different makeup products, it is likely that you will be aware of your skin tone. If not, study it closely in the mirror under natural light, and once you are sure about your skin tone, the step of selecting a right concealer or foundation for your face becomes a bit easier. If you are not sure about your skin tone, you can consult a specialist or beautician for help.

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    Visit Makeup Stores

    Beauty stores like Boots have more to offer than just products. You  can seek an advice from the customer adviser or beautician about selection of a concealer that will work best for you. Further, you can find a number of products under one roof and choose the best for yourself.

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    Use Testers

    At the stores like Boots you can find testers of almost all products including concealers and foundations. So try one at back of your hand or on a part of your face to see if it suits you the best. Also, you can ask for help of a staff at the store to determine if the concealer colour suits your skin or not.

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    Inspect In Natural Light

    If you are not sure to know the exact colour of the tester concealer that you have applied at back of your hand or on a part of face because of the lights in the store, you can come out in the natural light and determine the concealer or foundation you have applied suits you. However, to check the concealer on your face, you will need a mirror, and if you do not have access to it, better just apply the concealer at back of your hand.

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    Go For Two Shades

    Another way is to go for two shades. This can help you use a corrector to correct the darker part of your skin and then use bright colour concealer. You then just need to select a concealer lighter than your skin colour. Once you are sure that it matches your skin colour, you can buy it.

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