Tricks for the Perfect Cat Eye Make Up

Cat eye makeup is one of the most popular methods of giving a stylish look to eyes, and the trick has been used by women for decades. This type of makeup can certainly draw attention towards your eyes, while giving your eyes a dramatic look, whether you are preparing yourself for a day party or even for any evening function .

The cat eye makeup can be defined as the eyeliner extending away from the eyes. However, there are many variations available when it comes to applying this type of makeup, depending on the facial structure variations and personal choices.


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    Look for the right type of cat eye makeup that you want to apply on your eyes. You can find different types of cat eye makeup examples from the internet, or from the magazines. You will notice that cat eye makeup can give both the subtle or dramatic look to the eyes, depending on how the eyeliner was applied. So, you should decide first that what type of look you want. Then take out a picture which you will use for your own eye makeup.

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    You should now decide which type of eyeliner you want to use for the makeup. Different women have different preferences, when it comes to choosing eyeliner type, such as liquid liner, pot liner or an eye pencil. Select the eyeliner which you feel most comfortable with.

    Choose dark colours, such as dark brown or black, when you want to apply cat eye makeup. It is really important that you should apply the makeup precisely, and practice is the key for perfect makeup. You can try different styles, and check which style suits you the best.

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    When you are done with the style you want, you should apply some nude, matte eye shadow, in order to avoid creasing on your eye lid, and to create a base for the eyeliner. Using your eyeliner, create a line, as close to the lashes as possible, in order to give a flawless look to your eyes. Move your eyeliner away from the outer side of your eye, and giving a slightly upward direction.

    Here, you should focus on giving the right curve to the line, rather than focusing on the length, as you can remove the extra length later.

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