Ways to Use MUG Cheek Highlighter Brush

How to use the MUG Cheek Highlighter Brush is a question which maybe asked by new users o f cosmetics?  It may also be case with ladies shifting from low-priced brands to standard products. The MUG Cheek Highlighter Brushes are used to give a nice touch to the cheeks and make them looking attractive. To grab the attention of maximum people is an instinct found in everyone and the face is the ideal spot to attract with.

If your face gives a catchy look you will be the centre of many sights and meanwhile a dull and shabby look will disappoint you everywhere. Whereas the question of using the MUG Cheek Highlighter Brush stand that why only this one so the reason is that MUG has been providing the cosmetic products at cheap rates. The MUG Cheek Highlighter Brush is available in the market only for $7.99 on the other hand the same product of MAC costs $34.


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    Select the suitable brush

    First of all determine the brush you want to use for E.g. if you are intending to apply the powder to your dull and deadly looking cheeks and want to make them lively go for the specific brush. MUG has been providing separate brushes for applying powder and cream to the cheeks.

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    Ask the skin specialist about your skin

    Consult the dermatologist about your skin who can help you to determine whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or rough. Some simple tests will determine the nature of your skin and you will get a direction to go with.

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    What to apply

    Now doctor has suggested you the material to be used in accordance to your skin and now you need to buy that particular cosmetic to the skin. Normally they suggest powder for oily skins and cream or liquid type products for dry skin.

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    Mix the material

    If dermatologist asks you to use more than one thing to your cheeks so make a mixture of it carefully. Take a proper share from all suggested cosmetics and mix it into a separate pot.

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    The selection of cheek brush highlighter

    You must know about the proper brush which can apply the cosmetic properly on the cheeks. There are so many types of brushes like duo fibre brush, large angled contour brush, tapered face brush and small duo fibre brush.

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    How to use the brush

    In the last step we will learn how to use the brush. Well hold it just ahead of its middle and take try with empty brush. Then start with a little mixture and slowly but steadily you will feel free to apply it on the necessary areas.

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