How to Use Sunscreen with Makeup

It is true that you can wear sunscreen 12 months a year and it is not that tough of a job either. Many cosmetics companies across the world have lowered their standards so much that their beauty products now contain SPF just to make your skin look good. This is the temporary solution but as a result, UV lights harm your skin leaving you in dire need of some kind of skin treatment.

UV rays can hurt your skin to a great extent but the problem is that wearing sunscreen all the time is not easy, or at least this is what the common belief is. Now, you can do both, wear makeup and wear sunscreen at the same time. All you need to do is follow these simple guidelines and you will be saved from the adverse affects of UV rays that emit from the sun.

Things Required:

– Foundation
– SPF-rated sunscreen


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    You need to protect your skin from sunburn no matter how old you are. People usually avoid using sunscreens because it adds shimmer to your face and it can ruin your look especially if you are living in a hot and humid location. However, wearing makeup and wearing sunscreen simultaneously is very much possible and you need to keep several important things in mind in order to achieve that feat.

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    The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly clean your face. It is recommended by the professionals that you use warm water for face cleansing. You can use either some good quality soap or you can go for some face-wash to do the job. One way or another, the point you need to keep in mind is that your face must be cleaned, dried up well before you apply makeup or sunscreen.

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    Next, pick up the sunscreen of your choice as there are no hard and fast rules for choosing a sunscreen. Go for the one that is most suited to your skin type and apply it to your face and your neck. Make sure that you apply it in a very small amount and avoid excessive use because that won’t allow the makeup to hold on later on.

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    After that, you can not apply the makeup of your choice. Apply the foundation for starters and carry on with eye makeup and lipstick if you want. Try to use a very thin layer of makeup because you are already wearing sunscreen beneath it.

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