How to Apply Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup

Bare Escentuals is one of the most popular and expensive brands in the world. Many women prefer the mineral makeup as they feel it gives a more natural look to their skin. It is widely believed that the mineral makeup is extremely healthy for the skin and has n side effects at all. First of all, you must select the product of your skin type. The product you buy must suit your skin type otherwise there may be some side effects to your skin. There is a proper procedure you need to follow in order to get the best results.


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    Cleanse the skin

    Before applying the makeup, it is extremely important to cleanse your skin. Your skin should be clean and pure before you start the process. Use your usual cleanser or apply a toner to your skin. Wash your face and dry with the help of a towel. Also apply a moisturizer to your skin and leave your face for about 10 minutes until it is absorbed.

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    Use concealer

    It is good to use a concealer before you start applying makeup. Use the concealer to cover up any blemishes or dark circles under your eyes so that they are not visible after the makeup.

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    Apply Bare Escentuals mineral makeup

    After using the concealer, it is time to apply the Bare Escentuals Mineral makeup. Use a kabuki brush for the purpose and apply the makeup in circular motions. Make sure you do not apply too much of makeup in one place and try to evenly spread the minerals. You must apply the product in different layers until the full area is covered.

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    Apply Warmth

    To give the extra glow to your face, apply Bare Escentuals Warmth. Take some of the product on the brush and start applying it from the outer sides of the face. The product is also known as the bronzer and it gives extra glow to your face.

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    Give finishing touches

    In the end, use the brush to evenly distribute the makeup throughout your face and check areas where there is more makeup than required. Use blush on in the end to give the final touches. You are now ready with your makeup.

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