How to Organize Makeup on Your Dresser

There is nothing worse than having to dig or search through all of your makeup just to find a particular mascara, eye shadow or lipstick. Things can become a real mess on your dresser if you do not know how to organize all of your makeup. Follow ing some simple instructions though, you can organize your makeup on the dresser in an appropriate and organized way.

Things Required:

– Small boxes
– Plastic containers
– Cups
– Makeup


  • 1

    Throw out items:

    It is important that you take off all your makeup from the dresser and throw out those items that you do not need anymore. Always throw out items that are old or expired and broken. Remember, the reason for the clutter is that you might not be throwing things out when you should.

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    Use plastic containers:

    Get different plastic containers of various sizes that are clear so that you can put your makeup in each one. It is important to keep one container for each type of makeup like lipsticks, eye shadow or mascara. Make sure that the containers are not too big so that they do not overcrowd your dresser space.

  • 3

    Small boxes:

    If you have some small empty boxes you can easily use them to store your makeup items. Try to keep everything in separate boxes to ensure things stay neat and clean. Once you have put your makeup in these boxes, you can easily place it on your dresser.

  • 4


    Find some nice decorative cups that you are not using and place your makeup brushes or other items in these. You can easily place the cups around the dresser to keep the area clear and make it a lot easier to get access to your makeup items.

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    Sort makeup:

    Once you have decided on the containers and boxes that you want to use to store your makeup, you should sort all the items properly. Put all the items together based on their function like lipsticks, mascara, eye shadow, foundation etc. Keep each specific type of item in the same container so that you only have to open one to find anything that you need quickly.

  • 6

    Keep a record:

    Try to keep a record of all the makeup items that you own or purchase. Whenever you buy something new, make sure to put it on the list so that you know how many different items you own and which you will need in the future.

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