How To Apply Crease Shadow for Dramatic Makeup

Eye shadow can be a great way to foreground your eyes and bring their beauty dramatically to the forefront, but most women fail to use this to their advantage effectively, and applying just one solid colour over the whole eyelid is a frequent practice. However, in addition to mascara and bold eyeliner, a great way to give your look a little extra oomph is to apply crease shadow.

This basically refers to the practice of applying eye shadow at the corner of your eye, and if you manage to apply crease shadow effectively, it is bound to enhance the shape and colour of the eye, make it appear finer and shapelier, and give it depth.

Things Required:

– Eye shadow
– Eye shadow makeup brush


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    To begin with, it is essential to determine what shape your eye is, in order to figure out which colour will suit you best. Ideally, eye shadow should be aimed at making the eyes look more elongated and almond-shaped. Depending on whether your eyes are naturally almond-shaped, deep-set, wide-set, round, close-set, small or Asian, you will need to pick a suitable crease colour. While the crease colour is supposed to be darker than the colour on the rest of the lid, be smart about your colour choices – e.g. Asian eyes require a lighter crease colour.

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    Start out by choosing two shades of eye shadow that you feel work well together, complement your skin tone, and go with your outfit, if you happen to be putting on makeup for an occasion. Start out cautiously by using your brush to blend the colours on the back of your hand, and keep experimenting until you find a shade that appeals to you. For a dramatic look, colour combinations like smoky charcoal and grey, or silver and royal purple, work very well.

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    Now that you have chosen the shade, it is time to start applying the makeup. Smooth the lighter colour of eye shadow over your eye, stopping only when you reach the crease.

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    Next, use a special brush – an angled or narrow one – which will fit comfortably at the eye crease. Dip it into the darker shade you have selected, and begin working this on by rubbing the brush back and forth across the crease. For a more dramatic look, make sure the brush is slightly damp, as this will amp up the intensity of the eye shadow colour.

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    Finally, get rid of the defined line between the lighter shade of eye shadow and the darker colour at the crease. You can do this by subtly blending the two, so that the eye shadow starts out light in the corner of your eye, and gradually darkens as it reaches the crease, making for a bold, striking look.

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