How To Apply Foundation to African American Skin

Skin is one of the most important organs of the human body and it can help you look extremely attractive and charming if it is healthy. It is imperative that you take additional care of your skin, as it is also very sensitive.

In order to have a flawless and gorgeous skin, almost every woman applies foundation. Over the years however, finding the right foundation has been a massive challenge for African American women. The most common problem was that the foundation used to result in a much more darker shade than required. Therefore, they had to buy two or three different colours to obtain the proper tone, which was obviously a hassle.

This is not the case anymore as the African American women can now find a different range of darker toned foundation shades, which do not need to be mixed with other colours. However, women with a darker tone need to be very careful while selecting a shade to go with their skin. Applying the foundation properly is the most important thing and it requires skill and practice.


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    Clean your face

    Once you have selected the right colour, you need to thoroughly clean your face using an oil-free cleanser. If you wish to, you can even use a toner. If you want to sustain the foundation for a longer period of time then use an oil-free moisturizer on your skin and massage it properly till it gets absorbed into your skin.

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    Use a Primer

    In order to have a smoother application of the foundation, you can also use a primer or a sunscreen. If you are facing any skin problems, then it is recommended to use a concealer. Make sure that you apply the concealer only on the areas which are dry or damaged. Instead of rubbing the concealer in, you should gently dab it onto your skin evenly and rub it on your eye area using your ring finger with extreme care.

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    Apply the foundation

    Your face is now ready and you may start applying the foundation. Once you have dotted the foundation on your face, start rubbing it on your forehead and the rest of the face in a sequence. You need to make sure that you rub it evenly on every part of your face, from nose to chin and cheeks. Rub it nicely so that the foundation is absorbed into your skin as it will give you a natural, more attractive look.

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