How to Make Up Sweat Proof

Sweat is make up’s biggest enemy, especially when you are on an outdoor activity like a beach picnic or an outdoor concert. There is no turn off worse than a draining make up – foundation running down the cheeks, eye shadow becoming multi-coloured after mixing with sweat etc.

The worst part is that you can’t even wipe your face off as it would only make the situation worse.

The thing to do when you are expected to be part of summer festivities is to ensure that you use the right techniques and products when applying the makeup.


  • 1

    Make up primers should be oil free

    Primers are used to enhance the effect of the make-up and prevent it from flaking and creasing. But if its constituents are based on oil, they can ensure a total make up catastrophe. Never use the primers which have oil content. Apply a very small amount of primer onto your face before you apply foundation and concealer.

  • 2

    Apply a long wear foundation

    After applying primer onto your face and eyes, it is recommended that you apply a silicone-based, long wear foundation. This silicon in this foundation will act as a protective film between the environmental moisture and your skin.

  • 3

    Apply the concealer

    The next step is to apply the concealer, which should be a densely pigmented, waterproof cream formula. This type of concealer does not wear off easily and your blemishes can stay hidden even in the extreme summer environments.

  • 4

    Ditch powdered eye shadows

    Instead of going for the traditional powder based eye shadows, opt for long-wearing cream based eye shadows when you plan to have an outing under the sun.

  • 5

    Use liquid eye liners

    Although this version of the eye liner is tougher to apply and a tad expensive than the normal eyeliners available in market, they ensure a good and robust application.

  • 6

    Apply waterproof mascara

    Another important step to prevent sweat destroying the makeup is to use make the eyelashes waterproof, by using a water proof mascara.

  • 7

    Use cream blush

    For summer outings, it is recommended that you use cream blush, but if you want to use the powdered version, use one with Amazonian clay, having the ability to remove oil from the face skin.

  • 8

    Use silicone-based lip colour

    This will result in a lasting gloss and will also keep your lips hydrated.

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