How to Use Makeup Tricks for Disguising a Double Chin

Double chin is fatty flesh layer below you chin and it never suits your look and personality, especially the people very concerned about their physical appearance. Majority of people suffer from double chin issue as this plague not only affects overweight people but slim people too. However, the good news is that you do not need to go through any painful treat or acerbic medicine to disguise your double chin. There are several makeup tricks that you can consider to handle this issue smoothly. These makeup tricks are simple to apply and do not take much time.

Things Needed:

– Foundation Cream
– Make Brushes – of various shapes and sizes
– Foundation Powder or contouring powder
– Mirror
– Translucent Powder


  • 1

    Apply Foundation

    Test Liquid Foundation Makeup and select the one that is according to your skin tone and suits it as well. Apply it to your face and neck. Now, blend it until thoroughly penetrates into your skin and creates a natural look.

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  • 2

    Apply Powdered Foundation

    Grab a large makeup brush, dip its tip into a fine quality powdered foundation or contouring powder and lightly sweep the powder along the edge of your entire jaw line, starting from one earlobe to the other, and below your chin.

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  • 3

    Contour the applied powder

    Set the face bush aside and pick a large makeup sponge to blur the line of demarcation at your jaw line. Continue blending until this area of your chin smoothly mixes together into the foundation powder and cream on your face.

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  • 4

    Apply translucent powder

    Use another clean makeup brush to dab some of the translucent powder all over your face, jaw line, beneath chin and neck.

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  • 5

    Apply make up

    Finish by applying the rest of your makeup as you normally do.

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