How to Apply Blush on Oval Face

Apply blush on an oval face is not as hard as some may think. By following simple instructions and having the right materials, you can blush your oval face quickly. Most people consider an oval shaped face to be the ideal face shape. Essentially, the chin is small, the cheekbones are well defined and the forehead is small on an oval face. It is recommended to apply blush properly to highlight the high cheekbones that are one of the most important characteristics of this type of face.

Things Required:

– Mirror
– Brush
– Make up kit
– Water
– Cleaning cloth
– Clips


  • 1

    Firstly, consider pulling back your hair to expose you face characteristics including the cheekbones. Use a clip to tie your hair or use a large hair band to pull your hair back. This should be done extremely carefully as you do not want to lose your precious hair. It is recommended to hold the hair gently when tying your hair using clips. You can buy a set of high quality hair clips from your local supermarket or cosmetics store.

  • 2

    After revealing your cheekbones, consider using your fingers to feel around your cheeks. Locate the most sensitive and prominent part of your cheekbone as this is where you want to apply the blush. This part of cheekbones can be easily found slightly below the apples of your cheeks. Typically, this part is located about 1 inch away from the edge of your nose.

  • 3

    Next, dip your brush gently into the blush. Be extra careful when applying blush on the brush. Make sure the brush is completely dipped inside the blush and tap off any excess blush. Now start from the part of the cheekbones you had located in the previous step and move toward your hair line, moving the brush in a circular motion. When you are half an inch away from your hairline, stop right there.

  • 4

    Now consider finding the same prominent part on your other cheek. Repeat the process in step 2 for the alternate cheek. When you are done locating the sensitive part of your cheekbone, consider applying the blush in the same way as before. Remember to take your time and practice as many times as possible to help perfect your method.

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