How To Apply Glitter to Your Face and Body

Glitter is an assortment of very small and reflective particles. When applied on any surface, each particle reflects light in different angle and ultimately cause the surface to sparkle or glitter.

It is a great way to harmonise your out-fit and make-up. It enhances parts and areas of your face which you want to be noticed. It can bring attention to your beautiful eyes or shoulders. In addition to this, it can help you divert attention from areas that do not need.

Glitters are available in all kinds of form e.g. spray, lotion, gel or even loose powder. Spray works best on your body and hair while loose powder can be used on your chest and shoulders.


  • 1

    Choose you want to glitter your face or shimmer your body

    Remember to choose your glitter product wisely as some are only face or body specific. You have to decide that you want to sparkle your face or flicker your body.

  • 2

    Choose the colour

    Then select the shade you want. You need to keep in mind the colour of your dress and the colour of your makeup. Gold harmonises with warmer tones while silver complements on cooler skin.

  • 3

    Clear your skin

    After making all decisions and choosing the type and colour of your glitter, then you need to clean your face. Make sure it is dry so that any extra glitter won’t stick to unwanted areas.

  • 4

    Apply make-up before putting on glitter

    First you need to apply makeup of all kind before applying glitter to your face. Remember to pat it gently on the areas around your eyes. You need to touch lightly above your lashes and around your eye.

  • 5

    Wear your dress before putting on glitter on your body

    When putting on body glitter, you need to wear your dress before applying it. If you wear your dress after applying glitter then the design will ruin or glitter may even spread to unwanted area, making it look bad.

    For applying body glitter, you will require glitters in powders, gels and lotions form.

  • 6

    Focus on the part of the skin which is exposed

    When applying body glitter, your main aim should be putting glitter on the areas of your body which is exposed e.g. lower legs, chest, back etc.  Put a thin layer of glitter product on that area of your body and then smoothly rub it.

  • 7

    Take help from your friend

    You should take help from your friends or siblings while applying glitter on your body. Especially in the areas which are hard to reach on your body like back, you can take help from someone while applying glitter.

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